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All abstracts by Artur Deditius in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Alteration of Spodumene to Muscovite and Cookeite – Implications for the Fate of Lithium and Iron
Chischi J, Oskierski HC, Alhadad MF, Deditius A, Senanayake G, Roberts MP & Dlugogorski BZ

(2021) Actinolite as a Proxy for Characterizing the Thermal Evolution of Iron-Oxide Copper Gold Deposits
del Real I, Reich M, Simon A, Deditius A, Barra F, Rodriguez-Mustafa MA & Thompson JFH

(2021) Magmatic-Hydrothermal Evolution of the El Laco Iron Deposit Revealed by Trace Element Geochemistry and High-Resolution Chemical Mapping of Ore and Gangue Minerals
Ovalle JTT, Reich M, Barra F, Simon A, Deditius A, Le Vaillant M & Morata D

(2018) Magmatic and Metamorphic Origin of Noble Metal Nanoparticles in Chromite Ores
González-Jiménez JM, Deditius A, Reich M, Gervilla F, Suvorova A, Roberts M, Roqué J & Proenza J

(2018) Geochemical and Micro-Textural Fingerprints of Boiling in Pyrite
Reich M, Román N, Leisen M, Barra F, Morata D & Deditius A

(2018) Magnetite Geochemistry from Andean Kiruna-Type Deposits
Barra F, Reich M, Simon A, Rojas P, Knipping J, Salazar E, Leisen M & Deditius A

(2018) Magmatic-Hydrothermal Fluids Transport More Than Dissolved Solutes
Simon A, Knipping J, Reich M, Barra F & Deditius A

(2016) Nanoparticles in Hydrothermal Magnetite from the Los Colorados IOA Deposit in Chile
Deditius A, Reich M, Suvorova A, Roberts M, Rubanov S & Simon A

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