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All abstracts by Rhodri Davies in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) The Anisotropic Signature of Tectonic Boundaries in the Mantle
Eakin C, Mathews C, Bilton L & Davies R

(2018) Tungsten Isotopes in Mantle Plumes: Heads its Positive, Tails its Negative
Jones T, Davies R & Sossi P

(2017) Iron Isotopes from EM1 to HIMU: Processes vs Source Inheritance and Pyroxenite vs Carbonatite
Nebel O, Sossi P, Davies R, Yaxley G, Woodhead J & Arculus R

(2017) The Concurrent Emergence and Causes of Double Volcanic Hotspot Tracks on the Pacific Plate
Jones T, Davies R, Campbell I, Iaffaldano G, Yaxley G, Kramer S & Wilson C

(2017) Identifying Partial Melt in Seismic Images of the Upper Mantle
Cobden L, Trampert J, Fichtner A & Davies R

(2016) Raising the Continental Crust
Campbell I & Davies R

(2016) On the Relationship between Volcanic Hotspot Locations, the Reconstructed Eruption Sites of Large Igneous Provinces and Deep Mantle Seismic Structure
Goes S, Davies R & Sambridge M

(2016) Lithospheric Controls on Magma Composition along Earth's Longest Continental Hotspot-Track
Davies R, Rawlinson N, Iaffaldano G & Campbell I

(2016) Do Mantle Plumes Preserve the Heterogeneous Structure of their Deep-Mantle Source?
Jones T, Davies R, Campbell I, Wilson C & Kramer S

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