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All abstracts by Danielle Fortin in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Microbial Reduction of Synthetic Biogenic Iron Oxides Containing Various Amounts of Organic Carbon and Silica
Quintero Morales D & Fortin D

(2021) Effects of Gamma(γ)-Irradiation on Physicochemical Properties and Bioavailability of Iron (Hydr)oxides Coprecipitated with Varying Concentrations of Organic Matter
Najem T & Fortin D

(2020) The Role of Organic Matter and Silica on the Formation and Stability of Biogenic Iron Oxides (Bios)
Quintero Morales D & Fortin D

(2019) Effects of Co-precipitated Phosphate on the Bioreducibility of Ferrihydrite by Shewanella putrefaciens CN32
Najem T & Fortin D

(2017) Does Biogenic Iron Oxide Organic Matter Affect Anion Contaminant Behaviour?
Moriarty M, Meyers E & Fortin D

(2016) Biogenic Iron Oxides are Efficient Contaminant Sorbents
Fortin D & Ashby EJ

(2015) Biogenic Iron Oxides: What's Next?
Fortin D, Cotroneo S, Najem T & Khan B

(2014) Using Surficial Geochemical Methods to Detect Anomalous Concentrations of Indicator Metals as a Method for Blind VMS Deposit Exploration
Dunbar A & Fortin D

(2014) Redox Stability of Aged Biogenic Iron Oxides
Najem T & Fortin D

(2014) Geochemistry of Northern Stream Waters: Metal Mobility and Implications for Mineral Exploration in the MacMillan Pass, Yukon
Bryson S, Fortin D & McCurdy M

(2012) Anammox Activity in Contaminated Groundwater Having High Ammonium and Nitrate Concentrations
Xing Y, Tekin E, Fortin D, Timlin R & Clark I

(2012) Solubility of Scorodite and 6-Line Ferrihydrite with Sorbed Arsenic in the Presence of Shewanella sp. CN32 and Shewanella sp. ANA-3 in a Chemically Defined Growth Medium Containing Various Phosphate Concentrations
Revesz E, Paktunc D & Fortin D

(2012) Diminished S Isotope Fractionation Accompanies Internal Sulfate Accumulation by Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria
Cousineau M, Fortin D & Wing B

(2011) S Isotopes Distinguish Two S Pulses at Terrestrial Cretaceous-Paleogene Boundary Sections
Cousineau M, Therrien F, Maruoka T, Wing B & Fortin D

(2011) The Fate of Sorbed Contaminants during the Biogeochemical Cycling of Iron in Natural Environments
Fortin D

(2010) Arsenic Mobilization during Microbial Fe(III)-Reduction of Bacteriogenic Iron Oxides
Marshall S, Gault A, Langley S, Takahashi Y & Fortin D

(2009) Microcosm Studies on Microbial Sulfate-Reduction and Secondary Mineral Formation at Low pH
Meier J, Wendt-Potthoff K & Fortin D

(2009) Microbial and Geochemical Controls on Bacteriogenic Iron Oxide Formation and Fate
Gault A, Ibrahim A, Langley S, Renaud R, Takahashi Y, Boothman C, Lloyd J, Clark I, Ferris G & Fortin D

(2008) Stability of Natural Bacteriogenic Iron Oxides (BIOS) and their Role in Sr Cycling
Fortin D, Langley S, Gault A, Ibrahim A, Ferris FG & Clark ID

(2008) Characterization of Binding Sites of Metal Ions at Bacterial Cell Surface by REE Distribution Patterns and EXAFS Analysis
Takahashi Y, Yamamoto M, Ozaki T & Fortin D

(2007) Iron Sulfide Formation Under Low pH Conditions in Sulfate Reducing Enrichment Cultures Obtained from Acidic Pit Lake Sediments
Meier J, Piva A & Fortin D

(2005) Transformation of Arsenic Species in Solids and Porewaters from Yellowknife Bay, NWT, Canada
Andrade CF, Jamieson HE, Walker SR, Lanzirotti A, Praharaj T & Fortin D

(2004) Adsorption of Ferrous Ions onto Bacillus subtilis Cells
Châtellier X & Fortin D

(2004) Biofilm Initiation: A Modeling Approach
Daughney C, Krack S & Fortin D

(2003) How Bacteria can Induce the Formation of Nanoparticles of Fe-Oxides in their Vicinity
Chatellier X, Ravenel C, Blanco C, Fortin D, West M & Ferris G

(2003) Biogeochemical Stability of Iron Phosphate Minerals for Attenuation of Acid Mine
Ueshima M, Kalin M & Fortin D

(2003) Adsorption and Precipitation of Iron on Marine Bacteriophage PWM3a-P1
Daughney C, Chatellier X, Chan A, Kenward P, Fortin D & Suttle C

(2003) Sorption of Rare Earth Elements by Bacillus subtilis
Tanaka T, Takahashi Y, Chatellier X, Hattori K & Fortin D

(2003) Sulfur Isotopes as Indicators of Microbial Sulphate Reduction in Cu-Zn Mine Tailings
Praharaj T & Fortin D

(2001) Physical and Mineralogical Characterization of Biogenic Fe-Oxides
Fortin D, Ch‚tellier X, Leppard GG & Ferris FG

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