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All abstracts by Henry Dick in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Explosive Volcanism on the SW Indian Ridge
Dick H, Zhou H & Standish J

(2019) Ni-Fe Isotope Fractionation during Cooling of Sulfide Liquid
Ciazela J, Weyer S, Weyrauch M, Horn I, Dick H & Pieterek B

(2018) Si-Rich Veins Formation in Lower Oceanic Crust during Slab Bending
Ma Q, Dick H, Urann B & Zhou H

(2018) Ultra-Refractory Residues of Hydrous Melting from a Mid-Ocean Ridge Setting
Urann B, Dick H & Casey J

(2018) The Crust-Mantle Boundary at an Ultraslow Spreading Ridge
Dick H & Kvassnes A

(2017) Tracing Mantle Depletion along the Ultra-Slow Spreading Gakkel Ridge, Arctic Ocean
Richter M, Nebel O, Maas R, Dick H & Bach W

(2017) What MORB Left Behind – The Lower Ocean Crust at Slower Spreading Ridges
Dick H

(2017) Igneous Sulfides in Gabbros of the Lower Oceanic Crust: IODP Hole U1473A, Atlantis Bank, Southwest Indian Ridge
Ciazela J, Koepke J, Strauss H, Bender M, Pieterek B, Kuhn T, Dick H & Muszynski A

(2016) Physical Properties and Borehole Information of Hole U1473A, IODP Exp. 360 Inditan Ridge Lower Crust and Moho (SloMo)
Abe N, Ildefonse B, Blackman D, Dick H, MacLeod C, Blum P & Scientific Party IE3

(2016) Cu-Rich Serpentine at a Crust-Mantle Transition Zone – Remnants of Primary Sulfide Accumulation?
Ciazela J, Koepke J, Dick H, Muszynski A, Botcharnikov R, Kuhn T & Albrecht M

(2016) Magnesium Isotopic Compositions of Abyssal Peridotite
Liu P-P, Teng F-Z, Zhou M-F, Dick H & Chung S-L

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