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All abstracts by Gavin L. Foster in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Maximising Sensitivity for U-Pb Geochronology Applications by Sector Field ICP-MS Using ‘Bloodhound’ Laser Ablation Technology
Hutchinson RW, Craig G, Milton JA, Foster GL, O'Connor CJP, Lloyd NS & Field MP

(2018) Northern North Atlantic Temperature and pH Reconstructions Through the Common Era, Using the Coralline Algae Clathromorphum compactum
Anagnostou E, Williams B, Moffa-Sanchez P, Adey W, Foster G & Ries J

(2018) The Effect of Matrix Interferences on in situ Boron Isotope Analysis by Laser Ablation MC-ICP-MS
Standish C, Chalk T, Babila T, Milton A & Foster G

(2018) The Boron Isotopic Composition of Diatom Opal
Foster G, Donald H, Frohberg N, Poulton A, Moore M & Swann G

(2015) Low Sensitivity of Alkenone Carbon Isotopes to Atmospheric CO2 during the Plio-Pleistocene
Pancost R, Badger M, Chalk T, Foster G, Bown P, Gibbs S, Sexton P, Palike H & Mackensen A

(2015) Influence of pH on Boron and Carbon Isotopes in Coral Skeletons
Martin P, Yang TT, Stewart JA, Foster GL, Wang B-S, Fan T-Y, You C-F & Goodkin NF

(2015) Nutrient and pH Dynamics of Intermediate Depth Southern Ocean Waters during the Last Glacial and Interglacial Period
Anagnostou E, Stewart J, Sherrell R, Adkins J, Hines S & Foster G

(2015) Srching for Silicate Weathering Feedback in the Geological Record
Pearce C, Foster G, Sexton P, Henehan M, Edgar K & Parkinson I

(2015) Eocene Seawater pH – Atmospheric CO2 Reconstructions Using Boron Isotopes in Planktonic Foraminifera
Anagnostou E, John E, Edgar K, Pearson P, Ridgwell A, Inglis G, Pancost R, Lunt D & Foster G

(2015) Source and Magnitude of Carbon Release Associated with the PETM
Gutjahr M, Sexton PF, Ridgwell A, Anagnostou E, Pearson PN, Pälike H, Norris RD, Thomas E & Foster GL

(2014) Automated Sample Preparation for Boron Isotopes: Removing an Analytical Barrier
Martínez-Botí MA, Anagnostou E, Foster GL, Field MP, Henehan MJ, Stewart JA & de la Vega E

(2013) Response of the Biological Pump to Elevated Ocean Temperatures during the Eocene
John E, Pearson P, Wade B, Coxall H, Foster G, Wilson J & Ridgwell A

(2013) Investigation of Boron, Carbon, and Oxygen Isotope Systematics in the Aragonite-CO2-H2O System
Klein Gebbinck C, Kim S-T, Henehan M & Foster G

(2013) Relatively Small Degree of Surface Ocean Acidification during the PETM in the North Atlantic
Gutjahr M, Sexton PF, Pearson PN, Heiko P, Norris RD & Foster GL

(2013) Improved Boron Isotope pH Proxy Calibration for the Deep Sea Coral Desmophyllum dianthus Through Sub-Sampling of Fibrous Aragonite
Stewart J, Anagnostou E & Foster G

(2013) Glacial-Interglacial Changes in Ocean Carbonate Chemistry Constrained by Boron Isotopes, Trace Elements, and Modelling
Rae J, Adkins J, Foreman A, Charles C, Ridgwell A, Foster G, Schmidt D & Elliott T

(2013) Simulating the Climatic Impact of Large Igneous Provinces Using a Mid-Miocene Case-Study
Armstrong McKay DI, Tyrrell T, Wilson PA & Foster GL

(2013) Surface Ocean δ11B-pH Reconstructions and Insights into the Ocean-Atmosphere Carbon Exchange during the Last Deglaciation
Martínez-Botí MA, Marino G, Foster GL, Ziveri P, Henehan MJ, Mortyn PG & Vance D

(2013) Eocene pCO2 Reconstructions Using Boron Isotopes in “Glassy” Planktonic Foraminifera
Anagnostou E, John EH, Edgar KM, Pearson PN, Lear CH, Pancost RD & Foster GL

(2013) A First Look at Boron Isotope Based pCO2 Values from the Eastern Arabian Sea for the Last 22 kyr
Naik S, Naidu D, Naik S & Foster G

(2013) The Forcing of Climate by CO2 on Geological Timescales
Foster G & Martinez-Boti M

(2013) Towards Better Greenland Source Attribution for IRD via Pb-Pb in Feldspar and Ar-Ar in Amphibole
White L, Storey C, Bailey I & Foster G

(2012) Insights on Biomineralisation and the Nature of 'Vital Effects' Using Boron Isotopes
Henehan M, Foster G, Rae J, Ries J, Erez J, Bostock H, Kucera M, Castillo K, Martinez-Bota M & Wilson P

(2012) Unravelling Plio-Pleistocene Sea Surface Temperature Signals: A Multi-Proxy Latitudinal Approach from the South China Sea
O'Brien C, Pancost R & Foster G

(2012) Delta 11B-Based Atmospheric CO2 Records during the Pliocene at Orbital Resolution
Martinez-Boti MA, Foster GL, Badger MPS, Pancost RD, Schmidt DN & Lunt DJ

(2012) The Relationship between CO2 and Ice-Volume on Geological Timescales
Foster G & Rohling E

(2012) Carbonate Chemistry Response of the North Atlantic Mixed Layer and Thermocline to the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum
Gutjahr M, Sexton PF, Norris RD & Foster GL

(2012) Boron Isotope Constraints on Deglacial Deepwater Formation and CO2 Release from the North Pacific
Rae J, Ridgwell A, Foster G, Sarnthein M, Grootes P & Elliott T

(2012) Calibration of the B Isotope paleo-Ph Proxy in the Deep Sea Coral Desmophyllum dianthus; Fine Scale Sampling and 2-D Mapping
Anagnostou E, Foster G, Huang K-F, Sikes E, You C-F & Sherrell R

(2012) Glacial-Interglacial Boron Isotope Changes in the Deep North Atlantic
Chalk T, Foster G & Wilson P

(2012) Boron Isotope Based CO2 Record during Retreat of the Antarctic Ice Sheet
Greenop R, Foster G & Wilson P

(2011) Calibrating the Boron Isotope pH-Proxy in Globigerinoides Ruber by MC-ICPMS
Henehan M, Foster G, Rae J, Erez J, Wilson P & Kucera M

(2011) Polar Twins? Deglacial Carbon and Circulation Records from the Deep North Pacific and Southern Oceans
Rae J, Foster G, Gutjahr M, Sarnthein M, Skinner L, Schmidt D & Elliott T

(2011) Lack of a Late Deglacial Carbonate Compensation Signal in the Intermediate Depth Amundsen Sea
Gutjahr M, Vance D, Rae JWB, Foster GL, Hillenbrand C-D & Kuhn G

(2011) Boron Isotopes by Laser Ablation MC-ICPMS
Milton A, Demuth F, Foster G & Palmer M

(2011) Surface δ11B-pH Reconstructions and Insights into the Dynamics of the Oceanic Carbonate System during the Last Deglaciation
Martínez-Botí MA, Foster GL & Vance D

(2011) The Relationship between Ice Volume, CO2 and Climate in the Middle Miocene
Foster G, Lear C & Rae J

(2010) Isotopic Fractionation of Mo, Cu and Zn during Weathering: The Record from Soils and Rivers
Keech AR, Vance D, Archer C, Foster GL, Hudson G & Blum JD

(2010) Boron Speciation and Isotope Systematics in Seawater, Biological and Inorganic Carbonates
Klochko K, Kim S-T, Foster GL, Cody G, Tossell JA, Farquhar J & Kaufman AJ

(2009) Benthic Boron Isotopes and Glacial CO2
Rae J, Foster G, Schmidt D & Elliott T

(2009) Chemical Weathering Rates in an Icehouse World: Insights from the Isotopic Record in Soils
Keech AR, Vance D, Archer C, Foster GL & Blum JD

(2009) PCO2 and Climate – Evidence from Boron Based Proxies of pH and pCO2
Foster G, Seki O, Pancost R & Schmidt D

(2009) Deep Water Production in the GIN Seas: The Nd Record from Feni Drift
Crocket K, Gutjahr M, Foster G, Richards D, Vance D & Tranter M

(2008) The Marine Pb Isotope Response to Ice Sheet Growth and Decay
Crocket KC, Foster GL, Richards DA, Vance D, Tranter M & Wadham JL

(2008) Quaternary Weathering Rates and Marine Geochemical Budgets
Vance D, Teagle D & Foster G

(2008) Boron Isotope Measurements of Marine Carbonate Using MC-ICPMS
Foster GL, Rae J & Elliott T

(2007) Li Isotopes and Li/Ca Measured in Foraminifera via SIMS and MC-ICP-MS
Abell R, Elliott T, Foster G, Kasemann S & Schmidt D

(2007) The Accuracy of δ11B Measurements of Foraminifera
Ni Y, Foster G & Elliott T

(2007) Pb Isotopes and Glacial/Interglacial Weathering Intensity
Crocket K, Richards D, Foster G & Vance D

(2007) The Consequence of Quaternary Changes in Chemical Weathering Rate for Ocean Chemistry
Vance D, Foster G & Teagle D

(2007) Quaternary Records of Ocean pH
Foster G, Schmidt D & Elliott T

(2007) Pb Isotope Provenance Study of Irish Bronze Age Gold Using LA-ICP-MS
Pike A, Standish C, Foster G, Pollard CJ, Cahill M & Chapman R

(2007) LA-MC-ICPMS 87Sr/86Sr Analysis on Tooth Enamel – Pitfalls and Problems
de Jong H, Foster G, Hawkesworth C & Pike A

(2006) Direct U-series Dating of Fossil Human Bone by Laser Ablation MC-ICPMS
Pike A, Foster G, Stringer C, Eggins S & Grun R

(2006) Enhanced source characterisation through combined FT and Sm-Nd on single detrital apatites
Carter A & Foster G

(2006) Boron isotope determinations by direct injection MC-ICPMS
Foster GL, Elliott T & Coath CD

(2006) A core-top assessment of foraminiferal isotopic and trace element proxies for the ocean carbonate system
Ni Y, Foster GL, Elliott T & Schmidt DN

(2006) Accurate and precise determination of Li isotopes in Foraminiferal Carbonate
Abell R, Elliott T, Foster GL & Schmidt DN

(2006) The case for crust-mantle interaction during silicic magma genesis: the zircon testimony
Kemp AIS, Hawkesworth CJ, Paterson BA, Foster GL, Woodhead JD, Hergt JM & Wormald RJ

(2005) Hf Isotopes by Laser Ablation Multi-Collector ICP-MS: Progress, Pitfalls and Prognosis
Kemp T, Foster G, Coath C & Schersten A

(2003) Common-Pb Corrected U-Pb Geochronology by LA-MC-ICPMS
Horstwood M, Foster G, Parrish R, Noble S & Nowell G

(2002) Unraveling an Orogenic Core: Isotopic Studies on the Western Syntaxis of the Himalaya
Argles T & Foster G

(2002) Metamorphic Monazite and the Generation of P-T-T Paths
Foster G, Parrish R & Horstwood M

(2001) Common-Pb and Inter-Element Corrected U-Pb Geochronology by LA-MC-ICP-MS
Horstwood MSA, Foster GL, Parrish RR & Noble SR

(2000) The Significance of Monazite U-Th-Pb Age Data in Metamorphic Assemblages: A Combined Chemical and Isotopic Study
Foster G, Vance D, Kinny P, Prince C & Harris N

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