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All abstracts by Louis Derry in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Refractory Element and Titanium Isotope Constraints on Volcanic Parent Material Variability and Elemental Mobility in the Critical Zone
Grant KE, Deng Z, Rigoussen D, Garcia MO, Chadwick O, Moynier F & Derry L

(2023) Congruent vs. Incongruent Silicate Weathering as a Function of Climate Hydrochemistry in Two Subduction-Related Granitoids
Derry L, Suhr N, Fernandez NM, Chorover J, Geisbrecht I, Druhan JL & Gaillardet J

(2018) Late Cenozoic Constraints on Carbon Cycle Forcings
Derry L

(2018) Ge/Si as a Tracer for Si in Paired Catchments of the Luquillo CZO
Aguirre A, Derry L & Kurtz A

(2018) Multi-Level Radiocarbon Analysis of Hawaiian SOC
Grant K, Galy V, Haghipour N, Eglinton T & Derry L

(2018) Examining the Role of Organic Compounds and Secondary Minerals on Ga/Al Fractionation in the Critical Zone
Richardson J, Kumpf B & Derry L

(2018) Tracking Fe-Oxidation in Spheroidal Weathering of Basalts
Perez-Fodich A & Derry L

(2017) Germanium/silicon Ratio to Trace Weathering and Hydrothermal Contribution to Element Fluxes in River Waters from Guadeloupe (FWI)
Gaspard F, Opfergelt S, Ameijeiras-Marino Y, Dessert C, Derry L & Delmelle P

(2017) Extreme Basalt Weathering Results from High Soil CO2, Unsaturated Conditions and Organic Acids
Perez-Fodich A & Derry L

(2017) Distinct Soil Organic Matter Properties Across a Fe and Rainfall Gradient
Inagaki TM, Grant K, Müeller CW, Derry LA, Lehmann J & Kögel-Knabner I

(2017) Iron Loss Promotes SOC Turnover on a Hawaiian Soil Gradient
Grant K, Galy V, Haghipour N, Eglinton T & Derry L

(2017) Biogeochemical Consequences of Ferruginous Oceans
Derry L

(2016) Seawater-Ocean Crust Interaction and Proterozoic Oxidation
Derry L

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