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All abstracts by Clara Chan in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) How do Microbes Make Minerals in the Environment? Tracking Iron and Sulfur Biomineralization Using Meta-Omics and Microscopy
Chan C, McAllister S, Vandzura R, Henri P, Pavia M, Polson S & Macalady J

(2019) Microbial and Viral Roles in Hydrothermal Vent Fe Mat Elemental Cycling and Ecology
Chan C, McAllister S, Vandzura R & Polson S

(2017) How Microbes Oxidize Fe(II)
Chan C, McAllister S, Garber A & Currie A

(2017) Implications for Extracellular Iron-Oxidation and Production of Biogenic Iron Oxides by Fe-Oxidizing Bacteria
Emerson D, Chan C & Barco R

(2017) Multi-Talented Microbes Drive Fe, S, N, and C Cycling in an Intertidal Coastal Aquifer: A Metagenomic Study
Field E, Hoppes K, Kim K, Michael H, Hanson T & Chan C

(2017) Elucidating the Role of Chemolithotrophic Sulphide-Oxidizers in the Formation of S(0) Deposits
Henri P, Chan C, Macalady J, Webb S & Steele A

(2017) What Makes Biogenic Sulfur Special? Insights into Surface Chemistry and Mineralogy of Sulfur Globules
Marnocha C, Henri P, Sabanayagam C, Modla S, Powell D, Hanson T, Steele A & Chan C

(2016) How do Fe-Oxidizing Microbes Influence Biogeochemical Cycles? Perspectives from Kinetics and Metagenomics/Transcriptomics
Chan C, McAllister S, Field E, Chiu B, Hoppes K, Siebecker M & Luther G

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