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All abstracts by Lydéric France in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Consequences of Melt-Mush Reactions on Mush-Dominated Magma Reservoirs: The Melt Flush Process Exemplified at Mid-Ocean Ridges
Boulanger M & France L

(2023) Emplacement and Differentiation in Granitic Systems: The Case Study of the Beauvoir Rare Metal Granite
Esteves N, France L, Bouilhol P & Cuney M

(2023) Magmatic Cycles at Oldoinyo Lengai: An Integrated Model Relying on Melt Inclusions
Baudouin C, France L, Mollex G & Boudoire G

(2023) Advances in Igneous Petrology: Coupled Chemical Maps & Thermodynamic Models to Tackle Mushes Crystallization Dynamics
France L, Toussaint A & Charvet V

(2023) Reactive Porous Flow in Deep Crustal Mushes, and Early Evolution of Primitive Magmas in a Continental Rift: The Oldoinyo Lengai Volcanic Area Example
Mourey A, France L, Ildefonse B, Gurenko A & Laporte D

(2023) Erta Ale Volcano (Afar, Ethiopia) Plumbing System Architecture, Magma Source and Differentiation Series
Pin J, Chazot G, France L, Abily B, Gurenko A & Bertrand H

(2022) Felsic Veins in Gabbros of the Lower Crust from Slow-Spreading Mid-Ocean Ridges – Evidence for Deep Percolating of Hydrothermal Fluids in the Magmatic Regime
Koepke J, Engelhardt A & France L

(2022) Essential Clues from CO2-rich Fluid Inclusions into the Complex Origin of Carbon at the Natrocarbonatite Volcano of Oldoinyo Lengai, Tanzania
Lages J, Boudoire G, Rizzo AL, Aiuppa A, Casola V & France L

(2021) Thermodynamic Model for the Refertilization of the NOn-Cratonic Continental Mantle Lithosphere
Pin J, France L, Reisberg L & Lambart S

(2021) Mantle Metasomatism Influence on Water Contents in Continental Lithosphere: New Constraints from Garnet Pyroxenite Xenoliths (France & Cameroon Volcanic Provinces)
Azevedo-Vannson S, France L, Ingrin J & Chazot G

(2021) Homogenisation of Heterogeneous Mantle Melts in Transcrustal Plumbing System
Brouillet F, France L, Koornneef JM, Mourey A & Casola V

(2021) Quantifying the Axial Magma Lens Dynamics at the Roof of Oceanic Magma Reservoirs (Dike / Gabbro Transition): Oman Drilling Project GT3 Site Survey
France L, Lombard M, Nicollet C, Berthod C, Debret B, Koepke J, Ildefonse B & Toussaint A

(2021) An Integrated Model for the Magmatic Evolution of Alkaline Melts from Oldoinyo Lengai
Baudouin C, France L, Mollex G & Boudoire G

(2021) Differential Record of Pre- and Syn-Eruptive Degassing of a Large Rhyolitic System Recorded by Li, H, and δ7Li Diffusion between Quartz, Melt Inclusions and Groundmass Glasses
Neukampf J, Laurent O, Tollan PM, Bouvier A-S, Magna T, Ulmer P, France L, Ellis BS, Guillong M & Bachmann O

(2021) Microstructures of Olivine Gabbros from the Atlantis Bank OCC (57°E Southwest Indian Ridge) Reveal Compaction-Driven Melts Extraction and Accumulation in Ultraslow-Spread Oceanic Crust
Ferrando C, Basch V, Ildefonse B, Deans J, Sanfilippo A, Tribuzio R, Barou F, Boulanger M & France L

(2020) Brown Amphibole in the Oceanic Crustal Sequence at the Atlantis Bank Oceanic Core Complex
Ferrando C, Tribuzio R, Sanfilippo A, Antonicelli M, France L & Deloule E

(2019) New Constraints on Trace Element Partitioning between Minerals & Alkaline Melts
Baudouin C, France L, Boulanger M, Dalou C & Devidal J-L

(2019) Record of Segregated Magma Modified by Reactive Porous Flow in Ultraslow-Spreading Oceanic Crust
Ferrando C, France L, Boulanger M & Deloule E

(2019) No C Enrichment in the Mantle Source of Carbonatites in Eastern Africa
Casola V, France L, Bouden N, Galy A & Villeneuve J

(2019) Emplacement and Evolution of a Mushy Magma Reservoir in the Slow-Spread Lower Oceanic Crust
Boulanger M, France L, Deans J & Ferrando C

(2019) Melt Migration and Interactions in the Lower Oceanic Crust: Insights from Atlantis Bank Interlayered Series at IODP Hole U1473A (Southwest Indian Ridge)
France L, Boulanger M, Ferrando C, Ildefonse B, Sanfilippo A, Ghosh B, Morishita T, Liu C-Z, Koepke J & Bruguier O

(2019) Oldoinyo Lengai Natrocarbonatites Derive from Classical Calciocarbonatites: A Melt Inclusion Approach
Mollex G, France L, Boulanger M & Devidal J-L

(2019) CO2-flush, Volatile with Subduction Flavor, and Plumbing System Architecture at a Continental Rift Segment
Bonnet R, France L, Jannot S, Schiano P, Gurenko A, Baudouin C, Devidal J-L & Caumon M-C

(2018) Origin of the Interlayered Series at Atlantis Bank (SWIR): New Insights on Lower Oceanic Crust Accretion Processes
Boulanger M, France L, Ildefonse B, Ghosh B, Sanfilippo A, Liu C, Morishita T & Koepke J

(2018) Trace Element Partitioning between Clinopyroxene and Alkaline Magmas
Baudouin C, France L, Boulanger M, Dalou C & Devidal J-L

(2018) Magma Composition, and Architecture of the Active Deep Plumbing System at Oldoinyo Lengai Carbonatite Volcano, Tanzania
France L, Mollex G, Bonnet R, Botcharnikov R, Wilke S & Deloule E

(2017) The Oldoinyo Lengai Volcano Plumbing System Architecture, and Composition from Source to Surface
Mollex G, France L, Füri E, Bonnet R, Botcharnikov R, Zimmermann L, Wilke S, Deloule E, Chazot G, Kazimoto E, Marty B & Burnard P

(2017) Oldoinyo Lengai Natrocarbonatite Derives from Classical Calciocarbonatite
France L, Boulanger M, Mollex G & Devidal J-L

(2017) Characterization of Volatile Contents in Primitive Magmas of an Active Carbonatitic Volcanic Complex (Oldoinyo Lengai, Tanzania)
Mourey A, France L, Laporte D & Gurenko A

(2015) Genesis and Evolution of Highly Alkaline Magmas at Oldoinyo Lengai, Tanzania
Mollex G, France L, Burnard P & Boudoire G

(2015) The Two-Stage Melt Metasomatism Revealed by Lithium Isotopes Distribution in Peridotite Xenoliths from Allegre (French Massif Central)
Gu X, Deloule E, France L & Ingrin J

(2015) Do MORBs Record the Oxidation State of Earth’s Upper Mantle?
France L, Mary B, Deloule E, Munoz M, Koepke J, Letourneur L, Ildefonse B, Bolfan Casanova N, Devouard B & Deschamps F

(2013) The Main MORB Crustal Contaminant: Geochemistry of Magma Chamber Roof Experimental Anatectic Melts, and Residues
France L, Koepke J, Ildefonse B, MacLeod CJ, Godard M & Deloule E

(2011) Ferric Iron and Water Incorporation in Wadsleyite Under Hydrous and Oxidizing Conditions
Bolfan N, Munoz M, McCammon C, Deloule E, Ferot A, Demouchy S, France L, Andrault D & Pascarelli S

(2010) Melting the Hydrothermally Altered Sheeted Dike Complex: Chemical Composition of the Main MORB Crustal Contaminant
France L, Ildefonse B, Koepke J, Godard M & MacLeod C

(2007) Root Zone of Sheeted Dike Complex in Oman Ophiolite-Petrological Model
Boudier F, Koepke J, France L & Mevel C

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