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All abstracts by John Cottle in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) It’s Cold in Siberia: Low Crustal Heat Production in the Siberian Craton Constrained by Xenolith Petrochronology
Apen F, Rudnick R, Ionov D, Cottle J, Moyen J-F, Golovin A & Korsakov A

(2020) Magma Storage beneath Ardestan Pluton, Iran; Insights from Silicate Minerals, Zircon Signatures and Crystal Size Distribution
Babazadeh S, Furman T, Cottle J, Raeisi D & Lima I

(2020) The Origin of Tertiary High-Alumina Basalts in Central Urumieh-Dokhtar Magmatic Arc, Iran: Constraints from Geochemistry, U-Pb Geochronology and Nd-Hf Isotopes
Babazadeh S, D’Antonio M, Cottle J, Ghalamghash J, Raeisi D & An Y

(2020) High Fidelity Imaging of Earth Materials by LA- ICP-TOF-MS
Cottle J, Kylander-Clark A, O'Connor C, Robert H & Phil S

(2019) Estimating Crustal Heat Production from the Petrochronology of Lower Crustal Xenoliths
Apen F, Rudnick R, Cottle J, Ionov D, Moyen J-F & Golovin A

(2019) Petrochronologic Insight into Episodic Crustal Recycling along the paleo-Pacific Margin of Gondwana
Erickson E & Cottle J

(2019) The Volcanic Record of Central Sierra Nevada Mesozoic Arc Flare-Ups and Secular Evolution of the Lithosphere
Attia S, Cottle J & Paterson S

(2018) Thermal Evolution of the Mozambique Belt in Northern Tanzania: Accessory Phase U-Pb Depth Profiling
Apen F, Rudnick R & Cottle J

(2016) Zircon Geochemistry Records Magmatic Volatile Evolution
Briggs S, Cottle J & Cooper A

(2016) Formation of Layering in a Hypabyssal Intrusion by Shear-Induced Fracture, Exsolution, and Rapid Devitrification
Nelson D & Cottle J

(2016) EBSD Imaging of Monazite: A Tool for Directly Dating Deformation Textures?
Mottram C & Cottle J

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