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All abstracts by Colin Freeman in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Determining the Free Energy of Aqueous Mineral Interfaces
Yeandel SR, Armstrong E, Marinova V, Freeman C & Harding JH

(2023) A Geochemical Perspective on DNA Preservation in Sediments: Implications for Ecological Inference and Bacterial Evolution
Sand KK, Verma T, Jelavic S, Hendiani S, Prohaska A, Burmølle M & Freeman C

(2023) Self-Assembled Monolayers as a Model System for Biomineralisation
Marinova V, Yeandel SR, Fantauzzo V, Freeman C & Harding JH

(2021) Surface Charge and Topography of Minerals as a Driver for DNA Storage and Preservation in Sediments
Freeman C, Dieudonné L, Collins M & Sand KKK

(2021) Controlling Mineral Polymorphs: Insights from Computer Simulation
Fantauzzo V, Armstrong E, Marinova V, Yeandel SR, Freeman C & Harding JH

(2019) The Behaviour of Rare Earths in Solution and at Clay/Water Interfaces: Insights from Computer Simulation
Finney A, Lectez S, Kong L, Freeman C, Stackhouse S & Harding J

(2016) Molecular-Level Insight into the Effects of Amino Acids on Biomineralisation
Innocenti-Malini R, Finney A, Rodger M, Freeman C & Harding J

(2015) Crystallisation of Amorphous Calcium Carbonate
Freeman C, Harding J, Innocenti Malini R & Hall S

(2015) Study of the Dynamics of Adsorption of Branched and Linear Polysaccharides on Calcite Surfaces
Hall S, Harding J & Freeman C

(2015) The Initial Steps in the Precipitation of Calcium Phosphate Minerals
Innocenti Malini R, Harding J, Freeman C, Hall S, Demichelis R, Raiteri P, Sommerdijk N & Gale J

(2013) Simulating Macromolecule Behaviour on Calcite Surfaces
Freeman C, Sparks D, Kakonyi G, Romero-Gonzalez M, Banwart S & Harding J

(2013) Earthworms Produce Highly Stable Amorphous Calcium Carbonate
Demarchi B, Benning LG, Brown A, Harding J, Freeman C, Penkman K & Hodson ME

(2013) Simulating the Role of Extra-Cellular DNA in Cellular Adhesion
Harding J, Freeman C, Walton R, Banwart S, Rolfe S & Geoghegan M

(2011) Towards Modelling Biogenic Magnetite
Monnington A, Cooke D & Freeman C

(2010) Simulating Crystal Nucleation: Seeing the Infrequent with Molecular Dynamics
Rodger M, Quigley D, Harding J & Freeman C

(2009) Adsorption and Segregation at Surfaces in Minerals and Biominerals
Freeman C, Harding J, Allan N & Pinila C

(2009) Modelling Biomineralization Processes
Duffy D, Freeman C, Harding J, Quigley D & Rodger M

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