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All abstracts by Katherine H. Freeman in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Light-Dependent Primary Productivity in a Proterozoic Ocean Analog
Hamilton T, Weber M, Lott C, Clark C, Bird L, de Beer D, Dron A, Freeman K & Macalady J

(2015) Characterization of Early Cretaceous West African Source Rocks Using Integrated Molecular and Stable Isotope Approach
Cooper R, Pedentchouk N, Freeman K & Harris N

(2014) Molecular and Isotopic Constraints on Early Human Land-Use at Olduvai Gorge
Magill C, Ashley G & Freeman K

(2014) Hydrocarbon Biodegradation and Bacterial Succession in Surface and Seafloor Pressure Incubations
Lincoln SA, Valladares Juárez AG, Schedler M, Kadimesetty HS, Müller R, Macalady JL & Freeman KH

(2014) A Metabolically Versatile Cyanobacterium and the Low-Oxygen Proterozoic World
Hamilton T, Klatt J, Bird L, Freeman K, de Beer D & Macalady J

(2014) Evaluation of Organic Carbon Isotope Stratigraphy in Terrestrial Permian-Triassic Boundary Sections in South China
Cui Y, Bercovici A, Kump L, Freeman K, Yu J & Vajda V

(2014) Coenzyme F430, Quantification and Isotope Analysis from Hydrate Ridge California
Bird LR, Fulton JM, Dawson KS, Orphan VJ & Freeman KH

(2014) Investigating Fire during the PETM Using Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs)
Denis E, Foreman B, Maibauer B, Bowen G & Freeman K

(2014) Leaf-Wax N-Alkane δ13C Appears Insensitive to Available Moisture
McInerney F, Freeman K, Polissar P, Feakins S, Lynch D & Doman C

(2014) Development of a New Proxy for Past Terrestrial Nitrogen Cycles from Chlorophyll Degradation Products in Soil
Enders S, Houlton B, Freeman K, Ohkouchi N, Chikaraishi Y, Ogawa N & Suga H

(2014) Carbon Isotope and Biomarker Records of Climate and Ecosystem Change: Extracting the most out of Cenozoic Records
Diefendorf A, Freeman K, Wing S & Currano E

(2013) 2-Methyl Hopanoid Production and Anoxygenic Photosynthesis: A Model Cyanobacteria Isolated from a Proterozoic Ocean Analog
Hamilton T, Bird L, Freeman K & Macalady J

(2012) Understanding Biomarker Records of Terrestrial Paleoecolgy
Freeman KH, Graham H, Henderson A & Magill C

(2011) Proterozoic Analog Ecosystem and Organic Biomarkers in a Florida Sinkhole
Macalady J, Albrecht H, Welander P, Fulton J, Schaperdoth I, White T, Freeman K, Newman D & Summons R

(2011) Coenzyme F430, Understanding Methanotrophy in Methane Rich Environments
Fulton J, Bird L & Freeman K

(2011) Reconstructing Ancient Landscapes: Molecular Insights to Spatial Patterns in Ecosystems and Water
Magill CR, Ashley GM & Freeman KH

(2011) Molecular Characterization of Archaeal Lipids Across a Hypersaline Gradient
Dawson KS, Freeman KH & Macalady JL

(2010) Microbial Biogeochemistry of a Meromictic Blue Hole
Macalady J, Schaperdoth I, Fulton J, Freeman K & Hanson T

(2009) Anaerobic Biodegradation of Isoprenoid Biomarkers
Dawson KS, Macalady JL & Freeman KH

(2008) Quantum Mechanical Calculation of Hydrogen Isotope Exchange Thermodynamics and Kinetics on Organic Compounds
Kubicki J, Trout C & Freeman K

(2007) The Intramolecular Carbon Isotopic Composition of Acetate in Peatland Porewaters
Thomas B, Arthur M & Freeman K

(2007) From Microbes to Mountains: Molecular Signatures of Life and its Environment
Freeman K

(2005) Using Carbon and Hydrogen Isotope Ratios of Terrestrial Organic Matter to Understand Climate Change at the PETM
Smith F, Wing S & Freeman K

(2005) A Relationship between Archaeol/ Caldarchaeol and Salinity
Turich C, Jones AD & Freeman K

(2004) Hydropyrolytic Release of Hopane and Sterane Biomarkers from 2.7 Ga Kerogens
Eigenbrode J, Freeman K, Love G, Snape C & Summons R

(2003) Late Archean Shallow- and Deepwater Sulfur Cycles: Molecuar and Isotopic Evidence
Eigenbrode J & Freeman K

(2003) New Directions In Molecular Isotopic Analyses
Freeman K

(2002) Eocene/Oligocene Alkenone-Based CO2 Estimates
Pagani M, Pagani M, Zachos J & Freeman K

(2002) Evolution of the Photosynthetic Carbon Isotope Fractionation (ep) during the Late Paleozoic
Kuhn T, Ostertag-Henning C, Joachimski M & Freeman KH

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