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All abstracts by Yannick Bussweiler in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Metasomatism-Driven Redox State of the Wajrakarur SCLM Revealed by Fe+3/ΣFe Measurements in Peridotitic Garnet Xenocrysts
Shaikh AM, Bussweiler Y, Viljoen F, Bolhar R, Ravi S, Hezel DC & Ueckermann H

(2021) Tracking Cratonic Lithosphere Thinning beneath Southern India with Mantle Xenocryst Geochemistry
Shaikh A, Tappe S, Bussweiler Y & Viljoen F

(2021) Refertilized Continental Lithosphere beneath Catalão, Alto Paranaíba Igneous Province, Evidenced by Clinopyroxenes from Metasomatized Mantle Peridotites
Antonio de Freitas Rodrigues RADF, Gervasoni F, Jalowitzki T, Bussweiler Y, Berndt J, Klemme S, Botelho NF, Ciriaco BA & De Oliveira ÍL

(2021) LA-Icp-Tofms for Multi-Element, Multi-Isotope Studies
Rittner M & Bussweiler Y

(2020) Noble Gas Isotopes and Mineral Chemistry Recording Partial Melting and Subduction-Related Metasomatism in Spinel-Lherzolites from Coyhaique, Chilean Patagonia
Novais-Rodrigues E, Jalowitzki T, Gervasoni F, Sumino H, Bussweiler Y, Berndt J, Klemme S, Teles L, Conceição R, Schilling M & Bertotto G

(2019) High-Pressure/-temperature Reaction Experiments between Saline Fluid and Mantle Rocks Provide New Insight into Cratonic Mantle Metasomatism
Bussweiler Y, Gruetzner T, Rohrbach A & Klemme S

(2019) The Application of Sr – Pb Isotopes to Dating and Tracing Ruby Formation: The Aappaluttoq Deposit, SW Greenland
Krebs MY, Pearson DG, Bussweiler Y, Fagan AJ & Sarkar C

(2019) Trace Elements in Olivine from Diamondiferous Lamproites: Proxies for Magma Origin and Cratonic Mantle Lithosphere Evolution
Shaikh A, Patel S, Bussweiler Y & Tappe S

(2019) Isotopic Evidence for the Coupled Recycling of Carbon and Boron to Lower Mantle Depths
Regier ME, Chalk TB, Stern RA, Smit K, Smith EM, Stachel T, Foster GL, Bussweiler Y, Harris JW & Pearson DG

(2019) Experimental Characterization of Mantle Wedge-Metasomatism by Sediment-Peridotite Reaction in Subduction Zones
Foley S, Foerster M, Bussweiler Y, Prelevic D & Daczko N

(2017) Inductively Coupled Plasma Time-Of-Flight Mass Spectrometry (ICP-Tofms) as a New Monitoring Tool for Nanoparticles and Trace Metals in the Environment
Tanner M, Borovinskaya O, Bussweiler Y, Gajdesechova Z, Raab A, Krupp E & Feldmann J

(2017) Rapid Multielemental Analysis of Garnet with LA-Icp-TOF-MS – Implications for Diamond Exploration Studies
Bussweiler Y, Poitras S, Borovinskaya O, Tanner M & Pearson G

(2017) Combining Rapid 2D Elemental Imaging Using LA-Icptof with Flexible Interrogation Software for the in situ Chemical Analysis of Meteorites
Williams N, Stremtan C, Borovinskaya O, Bussweiler Y, Tanner M & Kamber B

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