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All abstracts by Nigel Blamey in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) The End Ordovician Icehouse and the First Mass Extinction of the Phanerozoic: Its History Recorded in Multiple Archives
Morrison AK, Lefebvre A, Van Patter A, Davis A, Riechelmann S, Blamey N, Jin J & Brand U

(2019) Atmospheric Oxygen of the Paleozoic
Brand U, Davis A, Shaver K & Blamey N

(2019) Measurements of Oxygen Flanking the GOE
Blamey N, Brand U, Lecuyer C, Parnell J, Heizler M, Lepland A, Nic B & Betus S

(2018) Development of a Halite Screening Protocol for Ancient Atmosphere
Blamey N, Brand U, Parnell J, Lecuyer C, Heizler M, Fralick P, Davis A & Shaver K

(2018) Rapid Microbial-Methane Deglaciation of the Marinoan Snowball Earth
Brand U, Blamey N, Shaver K, Guo W, Jiang G, Parnell J & Buhl D

(2017) New Method for D/H Measurements from Halite Fluid Inclusions. Clues to Ancient Hydrosphere?
Fourel F, Lecuyer C, Blamey N, Brand U & Fralick P

(2017) Insights into the Proterozoic Water Cycle: D/H Ratios of Water from Fluid Inclusions Trapped in Halite
Lécuyer C, Fourel F, Blamey N, Brand U & Fralick P

(2017) Oxygenation of the Neoproterozoic to Early Paleozoic Atmosphere and Ocean: Impact on Marine Life
Brand U, Blamey N, Meng F, Ni P, Parnell J, Lecuyer C, Benison K, Spear N & Fralick P

(2017) Atmospheric and Oceanic Oxygen at 1.4 Ga Measured in Halite
Blamey N, Brand U, Fralick P, Lecuyer C, Benison K & Parnell J

(2015) Neoproterozoic Atmospheric Oxygen and the Diversification of M-A Life
Brand U, Blamey N, Spear N, Parnell J & MacMahon S

(2015) Measuring Paleoatmospheric Terrestrial and Martian Gases
Blamey N, Brand U, Parnell J, Spear N & MacMahon S

(2014) Measuring Atmospheric and Marine Hydrospheric Gases of Earth & The Martian Subsurface
Blamey N, Brand U & Azmy K

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