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All abstracts by Jagannath Biswakarma in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Unlocking Ways for Communicating Environmental Biogeochemistry Research to Media, Policymakers, and Governments
Biswakarma J

(2023) Variations in Mineral Structure and Redox Properties of Iron-Bearing Clay Minerals during Redox Cycling
Aeppli M, Baron F, Biswakarma J, Neumann A & Hofstetter TB

(2023) The Use of Magnetic Nanoparticles for the Recovery of Metals from Anthropogenic and Environmental Waste
O'Neill K, Biswakarma J, Crane R & Byrne JM

(2023) Dynamics of Contaminant Sorption on Mineral Surfaces due to Multiple Redox Cycling of Natural Iron-Rich Clay Minerals
Biswakarma J & Byrne JM

(2023) The Importance of Land Use Change as a Driver of Anthropogenic Mercury Pollution
Feinberg A, Jiskra M, Borrelli P, Biswakarma J & Selin NE

(2022) Contaminated Site Assessment Under Challenging Environmental Conditions: Policymaking Strategies
Biswakarma J, Sambasivam KM, Kumar A & Naidu R

(2021) Academic Institutions’ Responses to COVID-19 Crisis
Biswakarma J, Rushworth D, Srivastava G, Kang K, Singh G, Das S, Anantharaman SB, Aeppli M, Popp AL & Bhuyan DJ

(2021) Forest Management Practice Determines Whether the Amazon Basin Remains a Globally Important Sink for Mercury
Jiskra M, Biswakarma J & Borrelli P

(2021) Assessing the Redox Reactivity of Tetrahedral Fe in Clay Minerals
Neumann A, Baron F, Biswakarma J, Pearce C, Ferrage E, Petit S & Hofstetter TB

(2020) Photogenerated Fe(II) Accelerates Ligand-Controlled Dissolution Rates of Iron(hydr)oxides
Biswakarma J, Kang K, Schenkeveld WDC, Kraemer SM, Hering JG & Hug SJ

(2019) Surface Catalyzed Fe(II) Oxidation Process and its Influence on Ligand-Controlled Fe(III) (Hydr)oxide Dissolution Rate
Kang K, Schenkeveld WDC, Biswakarma J, Hug SJ, Hering JG & Kraemer SM

(2019) Fe(0) Filters for Arsenic Removal in Remote Settings in West Africa: Field and Laboratory Findings
Bretzler A, Nikiema J, Kienou D, Hoffmann L, Biswakarma J, Lalanne F, Schirmer M & Hug SJ

(2019) Isotope Exchange and Fe(II)-catalyzed Ligand-Controlled Dissolution of Iron(hydr)oxides in the Carbonate System
Biswakarma J, Kang K, Schenkeveld WDC, Kraemer SM, Hering JG & Hug SJ

(2018) Fe(II)-catalyzed Ligand-Controlled Dissolution of FeOOH: ATR-FTIR, Isotopic, and Kinetic Studies
Biswakarma J, Kang K, Schenkeveld WDC, Borowski SC, Kraemer SM, Hering JG & Hug SJ

(2017) Ligand-Controlled Fe(hydr)oxide Dissolution Catalyzed by Electron Transfer
Kang K, Biswakarma J, Borowski SC, Hug SJ, Hering JG, Schenkeveld WDC & Kraemer SM

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