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All abstracts by Arnaud Bouissonnie in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Net Carbon Dioxide Removal via Electrolytic Seawater Mineralization
La Plante E, Chen X, Bustillos S, Bouissonnie A, Traynor T, Jassby D, Corsini L, Simonetti D & Sant G

(2023) What can Dissolution Anisotropy Teach us About Crystal Reactivity?
Daval D, Bouissonnié A, Stigliano L, Pollet-Villard M, Wild B, Bas-Lorillot J, Noiriel C & Ackerer P

(2023) Effect of Irradiation and Alkali Silica Reaction on Aggregate Physicochemical Reactivity in Nuclear Powerplants
Bouissonnié A, Chen X, Qi Z, Zinkle S, Le Pape Y, Tajuelo Rodriguez E, Alnaggar M, Bauchy M & Sant G

(2019) Kinetic Monte Carlo Models: How can Sensitivity Analysis Improve our Understanding of Pyroxen Dissolution Anisotropy ?
Bouissonnie A, Daval D & Ackerer P

(2019) Do Silicate Dissolution Rate Constants Really Exist? Discussing the Thermodynamic Driving Force of Silicate Dissolution
Daval D, Bouissonnie A, Wild B, Pollet-Villard M, Fernandez-Martinez A & Ackerer P

(2019) Comparison between Experimentally Measured Calcite Dissolution Rates and 1D and 2D Reactive Transport Simulations: Importance of Fluid Flow and Temporal Surface Evolution
Ackerer P, Bouissonnie A, Marinoni M & Daval D

(2017) Limitation of Simple 1D-Reactive Transport Simulations: The Example of Calcite Dissolution
Bouissonnie A, Daval D & Ackerer P

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