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All abstracts by Carol D. Frost in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Archean Continental Rifting Recorded by Cordierite-Quartz Gneiss, Central Wyoming, USA
Frost C, McLaughlin F, Shelton C, Allen C, Swapp S & Frost R

(2015) Theme 16: Petrology – Past, Present, and Future
Schumacher J & Frost C

(2012) Linear Trend of Mid-Continent Alkaline Volcanism, USA: Slab-Edge Focus
Duke G, Carlson R & Frost C

(2010) A Mesoarchean Rifted Continental Margin in the Wyoming Province: Evidence for Supercontinent Breakup
Swapp S, Frost C & Frost R

(2010) U-Pb Discordance in Archean Detrital Quartzites, Central Wyoming: Implications for Pb Loss Mechanisms
Frost C, Allen C, Swapp S & Frost R

(2010) Using a Bayesian Statistical Model to Determine the Amount of Coalbed Natural Gas Co-produced Water in the Powder River, WY and MT
Mailloux J, Ogle K & Frost C

(2009) 2.685-2.671 Ga Himalayan-Type Orogeny in the Northern Teton Range, Wyoming, USA
Frost BR, Swapp SM & Frost CD

(2006) Carbonate Assimilation in the Alkaline Hortavær Igneous Complex, Norway
Barnes C, Li Y, Barnes M, McCulloch L, Frost C, Prestvik T & Allen C

(2005) A-Type Granites and Related Rocks Through Time
Dall'Agnol R, Frost CD & Rämö OT

(2005) Preservation of Fe Isotope Compositions of Iron Formation during Contact Metamorphism
Frost CD, von Blanckenburg F, Schoenberg R, Frost BR & Swapp SM

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