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All abstracts by Xingyuan Chen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Reactive Transport Modeling for Watershed Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling
Chen X, Li B, Li Z, Jiang P, Muller K, Hammond G, Zheng J & Song H-S

(2023) Respiration Partitioning Across the Yakima River Basin
Kaufman M, Delgado D, Barnes M, Boehnke B, Chen X, Cornwell K, Forbes B, Fulton S, Garayburu-Caruso V, Goldman A, Gonzalez B, Grieger S, Hammond G, Jiang P, Laan M, Li B, Li Z, McKever S, Mudunuru M, Muller K, Myers-Pigg AN, Otenburg O, Pelly A, Peta K, Regier P, Renteria L, Roebuck A, Scheibe T, Son K, Torgeson J, Hall R, Zheng J & Stegen J

(2021) Linking Innovative Field Measurements to Models: Characterizingreactive Groundwater Exchange along Large Rivers
Briggs MA, Helton AM, Gooseff MN, Barclay JR, Terry N, Moore EM, Haynes A, Jackson K, Bisson A, DiGiorno M, Arntzen E & Chen X

(2020) High Performance Simulation of Dynamic Hydrologic Exchange and Implications for Surrogate Flow and Reactive Transport Modeling in a Large River Corridor
Fang Y, Song X, Ren H, Perkins W, Shuai P, Hou J, Bao J, Chen X & Scheibe T

(2020) Understanding Contaminant Migration within a Dynamic River Corridor Through Integrated Field and Laboratory Experiments and Reactive Transport Modeling
Chen X, Zachara J, Fang Y & Hammond G

(2019) Cascading Disequilibrium: A Glimpse into Dynamic Hydro-Biogeochemical Processes in Hyporheic Zones
Cardenas MB, Liu X, Chen X, Ferencz S, Munoz S, Kaufman M, Li B, Turetcaia A, Zheng L, Brown J, Graham E, Mohrig D, Neilson B, Stegen J & Wang L

(2019) Impact of Dam-Induced Flow Variations on Hyrologic Exchange, Thermal Regimes and Biogeochemical Function in River Corridors
Chen X, Shuai P, Song X, Hammond G & Zachara J

(2017) Coupled Water and Solute Transport in Plant-Soil Systems
Fang Y, Chen X, Scheibe T & Yabusaki S

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