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All abstracts by Pingqing Fu in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Optical Characterization, Seasonality, and Sources of Brown Carbon in Fine Aerosols from Tianjin, North China: Year-Round Observations
Dong Z, Pavuluri CM, Li P, Xu Z, Deng J, Zhao X, Zhao X, Fu P & Liu C-Q

(2023) Molecular Distributions and Stable Carbon Isotopic Composition of Diacids, Oxoacids, and ╬▒-Dicarbonyls in PM2.5 from Underground Coal Fire Field in Inner Mongolia, North China: Implications for Anthropogenic Origin of Azelaic Acid
Xu Z, Zhao X, Li P, Dong Z, Sun R, Fu P & Pavuluri CM

(2022) Stable Iron Isotope as a Tool to Apportion Atmospheric Iron in Urban and Marine Aerosols
Wang Y, Wu L, Hu W & Fu P

(2021) Light Absorption and Flouorescence Characteristics and Chemical Composition of Brown Carbon in PM2.5 in Tianjin, North China
Dong Z, Pavuluri CM, Li P, Xu Z, Deng J, Zhao X, Fu P & Liu C

(2021) Stable Carbon Isotopic Composition of Diacids, Oxoacids, ╬▒-Dicarbonyls and Fatty Acids in PM2.5 at Tianjin, North China: Implications for Origins and Secondary Formation Pathways
Li P, Pavuluri CM, Dong Z, Xu Z, Fu P & Liu C

(2020) Sources and Characteristics of HULIS and Other Organic Aerosol Components in Beijing: Results from offline-Ams and FT-Ir Analyses
Zhou R, Chen Q, Chen J, Fu P, Deng Y, Vodicka P, Deshmukh D, Kawamura K & Mochida M

(2020) Stable Carbon Isotopic Composition of Total Carbon, Diacids, Oxoacids, a-Dicarbonyls and Fatty Acids in PM2.5 at Tianjin, North China
Li P, Pavuluri CM, Dong Z, Wang Y, Xu Z, Fu P & Liu C-Q

(2019) Elemental Characteristics of Airborne Fine Particles in an Industrial Area at a Coastal City of Central Eastern China
Hu W, Fu P, Song T, Feng Y, Cheng B, Sun Y & Wang Z

(2019) An Overview of Atmospheric Pollution and Human Health in a Chinese Megacity Research Programme (APHH-Beijing)
Shi Z, Harrison R & Fu P

(2019) Increase of Organosulfate Molar Mass with Increasing Urban Air Pollution
Xie Q & Fu P

(2019) Aerosol Sources, Processes and Effects on the Urban Boundary Layer: Highlights from the Beijing Air Pollution and Human Health Programme
Coe H, Allan J, Mehra A, Worrall S, Bacak A, Bannan T, Priestley M, Slater J, Joshi R, McFiggans G, Topping D, Connolly P, Liu D, Flynn M, Yu C, Sun Y, Fu P, Wang Z, Ge X & Worsnop D

(2018) Diel Variation of Stable Isotope Ratios Record Photoreduction of PM2.5-bound Mercury
Huang Q, Chen J, Huang W, Reinfelder J, Fu P, Yuan S, Wang Z, Yuan W & Cai H

(2017) Changes in Atmospheric Loading, Composition and 13C Isotope Ratios of Organic Aerosols with Biological Activity in Northeast Asia
Pavuluri CM, Kawamura K, Fu P & Tachibana E

(2017) Primary Biological and Biomass Burning Aerosols at the Northern Slope of Mt. Everest, Central Himalayas
Fu P, Ren H, Wan X, Sun Y, Wang Z, Kawamura K, Liu C-Q & Cong Z

(2017) Nitrogen Cycling in the Soil-Plant Systems along a Series of Coral Islands Affected by Seabirds in the South China Sea
Wu L, Liu X, Fang Y, Fu P & Xu L

(2016) Molecular Markers of Secondary Organic Aerosol in Mumbai, India
Fu P, Aggarwal SG, Chen J, Li J, Sun Y, Wang Z, Chen H, Liao H, Ding A, Umarji GS, Patil RS, Chen Q & Kawamura K

(2009) Molecular Characteristics and Seasonal Differences of Urban Organic Aerosols from Chennai: A Case Study of a Mega-City in Tropical India
Fu P, Kawamura K & Pavuluri C

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