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All abstracts by Cyril Aubaud in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Efficient Carbon Recycling at the Central-Northern Lesser Antilles Arc: Implications to Deep Carbon Recycling in Global Subduction Zones
Li K, Li L, Aubaud C & Muehlenbachs K

(2012) On Overview of the Deep Carbon Cycle and its Isotope Heterogeneity
Cartigny P, Palot M, Clog M, Labidi J, Thomassot E, Aubaud C, Busigny V & Harris J

(2012) Carbon Isotope Constraints on Degassing of MORB from the Southwest Indian Ridge (32-50°E)
Aubaud C, Guettler E & Cartigny P

(2011) H Isotopes in Lavas from Loihi and Pitcairn: Primitive or Recycled Water ?
Clog M, Cartigny P & Aubaud C

(2010) An Isotopically Distinct Hydrogen Reservoir in the South Pacific Mantle
Clog M, Cartigny P, Aubaud C & Dosso L

(2009) Chlorine Isotope Composition of Spring Waters from Martinique (Lesser Antilles)
Li L, Aubaud C & Agrinier P

(2009) The Role of Degassing Processes on the Helium Paradox
Aubaud C

(2009) Large Mantle Heterogeneities in H2O and δD Below the Southwest Indian Ridge (35-70°E)
Clog M, Aubaud C & Cartigny P

(2008) Understanding Dehydration Melting of a Nominally Anhydrous Mantle: The Primacy of Partitioning
Hirschmann M, Tenner T & Aubaud C

(2007) DIC Concentration and δ13C in Thermal Springs of La SoufriFre Volcano (Guadeloupe, FWI): Implications for Volcanic Surveillance
Aubaud C, Dessert C, Agrinier P, Crispi O & Beauducel F

(2007) ERDA of Hydrogen Content in Hydrous and Nominally Anhydrous Mantle Phases
Bureau H, Raepsaet C, Khodja H, Carraro A & Aubaud C

(2006) Carbon Flux at Mid-Ocean Ridges and CO2/Nb Variability in the Mantle
Cartigny P, Pineau F, Aubaud C & Javoy M

(2005) Experimental Determination of Hydrogen Partitioning between Melts and Nominally Anhydrous Minerals: Consequences for Melting and H Storage Capacity in the Upper Mantle
Aubaud C, Hirschmann M & Withers A

(2005) A New Calibration of H Measurements by SIMS in Glasses and Nominally Anhydrous Minerals: Application to Experimental Determinations of H Partitioning
Aubaud C, Withers A, Hirschmann M, Guan Y, Leshin L, Mackwell S & Bell D

(2004) Water Partition Coefficients between Nominally Anhydrous Minerals and Basaltic Melts
Aubaud C, Hauri E & Hirschmann M

(2002) Carbon Isotopes in Basaltic Magmas, Processus or Source Signature ?
Pineau F, Jendrzejewski N, Aubaud C, Appora I, Shilobreeva S & Javoy M

(2002) Carbon in the Earth‚s Mantle: Neither Primordial nor Recycled but Simply „Mantle‰-derived
Cartigny P, Aubaud C, Jendrzejewski N, Harris JW, Pineau F & Javoy M

(2002) Carbon and Water in Pitcairn and Society Hotspots, French Polynesia
Aubaud C, Pineau F, Javoy M, Hékinian R & Cheminée J-L

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