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All abstracts by Richard Ernst in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) A Comparison of the Paleo-Mesoproterozoic LIPs and Black Shales in the North China and Northern Australian Cratons
Zhang S-H, Ernst R, Pei J-L, Hu G-H & Liu J-M

(2020) Precambrian LIPs and Environmental Perturbation
Diamond C, Ernst R, Zhang S & Lyons T

(2020) U-Pb Geochronology of Two Devonian Large Igneous Provinces, Siberian Craton
Duckworth-Battye S, Kamo S & Ernst R

(2020) LIP-Induced Primary Positive CO2-Feedback Loop and Its Associated Tipping Points, Running the Climate Show throughout Earth’s History
El Bilali H & Ernst R

(2020) LIP Record Through Time and Implications for Secular Environmental Changes and GTS Boundaries
Ernst R, Bond D, Zhang S-H, Buchan K, Grasby S, Youbi N, El Bilali H, Bekker A & Doucet L

(2019) Synchronous Deposition of Black Shales and their Correlation with Large Igneous Provinces during 'the Boring Billion'
Zhang S-H, Ernst R, Pei J, Zhao Y & Hu G

(2019) The Oceanic Mantle Plume Database and the Tale of Two Superplumes
Doucet L, Li Z-X, Ernst R, Kirsher U & Mitchell R

(2019) The Kalahari Craton in the Fiery Heart of Rodinia
Gumsley A, Sałacińska A, Knoper M, Mamuse A, Chew D, Söderlund U, Kamo S, Szopa K & Ernst R

(2019) A Preliminary Reassessment of the Siberian Cratonic Basement with New U-Pb-Hf Detrital Zircon Data
Priyatkina N, Khudoley A & Ernst R

(2019) Geochemical Features of Dolerites as Indicator of Distance to Center of Mantle Plume (A Test of Proterozoic LIPs of the Siberian Craton)
Gladkochub D, Donskaya T & Ernst R

(2019) LIPs as Proxies for Natural Precambrian Boundaries
Ernst R, Zhang S-H & Youbi N

(2019) Multiple LIP Pulses of the Central Iapetus Magmatic Province (CIMP) and Link with Glaciations during the Ediacaran-Cambrian
Youbi N, Ernst RE, Söderlund U, Boumehdi MA, Bensalah MK, Mata J, Madeira J, Ait Lahna A, Gaeta Tassinari CC & El Moume W

(2018) Temporal and Genetic Link between Large Igneous Provinces and Black Shales during “Earth’s Middle Age”
Zhang S-H, Ernst R, Pei J, Zhao Y, Zhou M-F & Hu G

(2018) Did the Central Iapetus Magmatic Province (CIMP) Event Both Trigger and End the c. 580 Ma Gaskiers Glaciation?
Youbi N, Ernst R, Soderlund U, Boumehdi MA & Ait Lahna A

(2018) Geochemistry of a Reconstructed 1110 Ma LIP (Kalahari, Dronning Maud Land, Congo, Indian & Amazonian Cratons)
Choudhary R B, Xu YG, Ernst R, De Kock M, MEERT, J, Evans D, Ruiz A & Lima G

(2017) Ti-Rich Garnet Core in Spinel in a Kimberlite: Evidence for Metasomatic Origin
Choudhary BR, Xu YG, Ernst R & Pandit D

(2017) Main Mafic Dyke Swarms of the Southern Siberian Craton: Their Ages and Geochemical Features
Gladkochub D, Donskaya T, Ernst R & Pisarevsky S

(2017) The Link between Large Igneous Provinces (LIPs) and Glaciations
Ernst R, Youbi N & Soderlund U

(2017) Did the Central Iapetus Magmatic Province (CIMP) Trigger and Drive the Gaskiers Glaciation and the Cambrian Bioradiation ?
Youbi N, Ernst R, Soderlund U & Boumehdi MA

(2017) Do Iron Formations Record Periods of Ocean Plateau Emplacement?
Bekker A & Ernst R

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