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All abstracts by Ken-Ichi Funakoshi in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Increase of Hydrogen-Induced Volume Expansion of hcp-Fe by Si Dissolution – Constraint to Hydrogen Content in the Core
Mori Y, Kagi H, Aoki K, Kakizawa S, Sano-Furukawa A & Funakoshi K-I

(2022) Effects of Sulfur on the Hydrogenation of Iron in Early Earth’s Evolution
Iizuka-Oku R, Gotou H, Shito C, Fukuyama K, Mori Y, Hattori T, Sano-Furukawa A, Funakoshi K-I & Kagi H

(2016) Lattice-Preferred-Orientation of hcp Metals Studied by High-Pressure Deformation
Nishihara Y, Ohuchi T, Kawazoe T, Maruyama G, Seto Y, Higo Y, Funakoshi K-I & Tange Y

(2016) Creep Strength of Ringwoodite Measured up to 1700 K at 17-18 GPa Using a deformation-Dia Apparatus
Kawazoe T, Nishihara Y, Ohuchi T, Miyajima N, Maruyama G, Higo Y, Funakoshi K-I & Irifune T

(2013) P-V-T Equation of State for ε-Iron up to 80 GPa and 1900 K Using the Kawai-type High Pressure Apparatus
Yamazaki D, Ito E, Yoshino T, Yoneda A, Guo X, Zhang B, Sun W, Shimojuku A, Tsujino N, Kunimoto T, Higo Y & Funakoshi K-I

(2013) P‒V‒T Equation of State of Sodium Majorite up to 21 GPa and 1673 K
Dymshits A, Litasov K, Shatskiy A, Sharygin I, Ohtani E, Suzuki A & Funakoshi K

(2009) Hydrogen Incorporation to the Earth’s Core
Terasaki H, Ohtani E, Sakai T, Kamada S, Shibazaki Y, Asanuma H, Hirao N, Yasuo O, Sata N, Sakamaki T, Suzuki A & Funakoshi K-I

(2009) The Orthoenstatite/Clinoenstatite Phase Transition Under the Upper Mantle Conditions Determined by in situ X-Ray Diffraction: Implications for Nature of the x-Discontinuity
Akashi A, Nishihara Y, Takahashi E, Nakajima Y, Tange Y & Funakoshi K-I

(2008) Structure of MgSiO3 Glass at High Pressure and Temperature
Yamada A, Lesher C, Gaudio S, Inoue T & Funakoshi K-I

(2006) Elastic wave velocities of ringwoodite and majorite in a pyrolite composition under the P/T conditions of the mantle transition region
Irifune T, Higo Y, Inoue T, Li B & Funakoshi K

(2003) The Structure of Jadeite Composition Melt at High Pressure
Urakawa S, Funakoshi K, Kikegawa T & Shimomura O

(2003) Thermal Expansion of Mg2SiO4 Spinel in its Stability Field
Katsura T, Yokoshi S, Song M, Kawabe K, Kubo A & Funakoshi K

(2001) Spinel and Post-Spinel Transitions in the Mg2SiO4-Fe2SiO4 Binary Using in situ Pressure Determinations: Implications for the Earth’s Mantle
Minarik WG, Fei Y, Hirose K, Li J, Van Orman J, Walter M & Funakoshi K

(2001) Post-Spinel Transition in Mg2SiO4 Determined by High P-T in situ X-Ray Diffractometry
Katsura T, Walter MJ, Yamada H, Shinmei T, Kubo A, Ono S, Kanzaki M, Yoneda A, Ito E, Urakawa S, Funakoshi K & Utsumi W

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