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All abstracts by Rinat Gabitov in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Uptake of Iodine by Crystallization of Phosphate Minerals
Gabitov R, Jimenez A, Migdisov AA, Perez-Huerta A, Guo X, Xu H, Dash P, Caporuscio F & Roback R

(2022) Uptake of Uranium by Crystallization of Phosphate Minerals
Gabitov R, Jimenez A, Migdisov AA, Liu J, Guo X, Rose K, Perez-Huerta A, Paul V, Dash P, Navarathna C, Mlsna T, Caporuscio F, Xu H & Roback R

(2022) Reconstructing Paleo-Methane Emission Using the Benthic Foraminiferal Stable Sulfur Isotopes
Borrelli C, Gabitov R, Liu M-C, Hertwig A & Panieri G

(2022) Elemental Uptake by Individual Calcite Crystals
Gabitov R, Sadekov A, Perez-Huerta A, Borrelli C & Rezaei M

(2021) Retention of Geochemical Signatures during the Transformation of Aragonite to Calcite at Elevated Temperatures
Gabitov R, Nguyen A, Jimenez A, Dygert D, Varco J, Paul V, Perez-Huerta A, Migdissov A, Dash P & Kirkland B

(2021) Uranium Uptake by Apatite at Hydrothermal Conditions
Jimenez A, Gabitov R, Nguyen A, Makowsky D, Navarathna C, Mlsna T, Paul V, Migdisov AA & Roback R

(2020) Anomalous Stability of U(IV) Species in Sulfate-Bearing Hydrothermal Solutions
Migdisov A, Van Hartesveldt N, Kalintsev A, Nisbet H, Alcorn C, Strzelecki A, Ram R, Boukhalfa H, Xu H, Gabitov R, Brugger J, Etschmann B, Jove-Colon C, Matteo E, Caporuscio F, Roback R & White J

(2019) Evaluation of Uranium Entrapment by Apatite Crystallization in Hydrothermal Fluid
Jimenez A, Nguyen A, Gabitov R, Paul V, Migdisov A & Roback R

(2019) Uptake of Uranium by Carbonate Crystallization from Reduced and Oxidized Hydrothermal Fluids
Gabitov R, Migdisov A, Nguyen A, Van Hartesveldt N, Perez-Huerta A, Sadekov A, Sauer K, Caporuscio F, Xu H & Roback R

(2018) Stability of U(IV) Sulfate Complexes at Elevated Temperatures
van Hartesveldt N, Migdisov A, Xu H, Roback R & Gabitov R

(2018) Visualization of Elemental Uptake by Individual Calcite Crystals
Gabitov R, Sadekov A, Dyer J & Xu H

(2018) Geochemistry of Metastable Phases of Calcium Carbonate and their Relationship with Biogenic Carbonates
Sadekov A, Gabitov R, DeCarlo T & McCulloch M

(2018) Noble Metal Solubility in CO-CO2 Fluid at Magmatic PT
Simakin A, Gabitov R, Salova T, Trail D, Korost D, Tutunnik O & Kubrakova I

(2018) Geochemical Controls of Mobilisation, Deposition, and Fractionation of REE, U, and Th in Ore Forming Hydrothermal Systems
Migdisov A, Haylea N, van Hartesveldt N, Kalintsev A, Xu H, Boukhalfa H, Roback R, van Hinsberg V, Williams-Jones A, Gabitov R & Brugger J

(2014) New Technique to Promote Unseeded Precipitation of Inorganic Calcium Carbonate Crystals from Artificial Seawater
Borrelli C, Watson EB, Gabitov R, Thomas JB, Ackerson MR, Trail D, Ruscitto D & Katz ME

(2014) Disequilibrium Effects on Elemental Incorporation into CaCO3
Gabitov R, Thien B & Sadekov A

(2013) Growth-Rate Induced Disequilibrium of Boron and Divalent Cations in Calcite: An in situ Approach
Gabitov R, Sadekov A, Rollion-Bard C & Watson B

(2012) Growth Rate Effect on Oxygen Isotope Fractionation between Aragonite and Fluid at 24℃ by in situ Analysis
Gabitov R

(2011) Growth Rate Effect on Oxygen Isotope Fractionation between Calcite and Fluid: In situ Data
Gabitov R, Schmitt A, Watson B, Mckeegan K & Harrison TM

(2011) Growth Rate Effect on Sr/Ca and Mg/Ca Partitioning between Calcite and Fluid: In situ Data
Schmitt A, Gabitov R, Sadekov A & Leinweber A

(2010) Growth Rate Effect on Fractionation of Elements and Li Isotopes during Calcite and Aragonite Growth
Gabitov R

(2008) Analysis of Mg, Sr, and Ba in Deep Sea Corals Using SIMS and ICP-MS
Gabitov R, Gagnon A, Adkins J & Eiler J

(2006) The impact of crystal growth rate on element ratios in aragonite: an experimental approach to understanding vital effects
Gabitov RI, Cohen AL, Gaetani GA, Holcomb M & Watson EB

(2005) Preliminary Experimental Results for <+>18<$>O and <+>13<$>C Uptake in Calcite and at 32℃ and Various Precipitation Rates
Gabitov R & Watson B

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