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All abstracts by Platon Gamaletsos in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Structural State of REE in Eudialyte-Hosted Critical Metal Deposits
Borst A, Finch A, Friis H, Horsburgh N, Gamaletsos P, Goettlicher J, Steininger R & Geraki K

(2017) Critical and Hazardous Metals and Metalloids in Mn-Oxide Ore from Thessaly, Greece
Godelitsas A, Schindler M, Gamaletsos P & Goettlicher J

(2017) Vanadium in Al-Ore (Bauxite) from Mines of Central Greece
Gamaletsos P, Godelitsas A, Kasama T, Fiordaliso E, Goettlicher J & Steininger R

(2016) Nano-Mineralogy & -Geochemistry of Karst Bauxites (Greece): Implications of the Origin of the Deposits
Gamaletsos P, Godelitsas A, Kasama T, Göttlicher J & Steininger R

(2015) New Insights into the Mineral Chemistry of Au-Bearing pyrite/As-Pyrite/arsenopyrite Concentrate from Olympias Deposit, Kassandra Mines (Chalkidiki, Greece)
Godelitsas A, Tzamos E, Filippidis A, Sokaras D, Wenk T-C, Griego G, Papadopoulos A, Stoulos S, Gamaletsos P, Mertzimekis T, Daftsis E & Dimitriadis D

(2015) Sulfur Mineralogy and Speciation in the Shallow-Sea Hydrothermal Sediments off Milos Island (Greece)
Kotopoulou I, Godelitsas A, Göttlicher J, Steininger R, Price R, Fike DA, Amend J, Gilhooly WP, Druschel GK, Mertzimekis TJ, Gamaletsos P & Kafantaris F-CA

(2013) New Insights into Environmental Characterization of Bauxite Residues (Red Mud) from Greece
Gamaletsos P, Godelitsas A, Kuzmin A, Lagos M, Xanthos S, Mertzimekis T, Goettlicher J, Steininger R, Zarkadas C, Komelkov A, Pontikes Y & Angelopoulos G

(2013) Antimony in Hydrothermal Chimneys of Kolumbo Shallow-Submarine Vent Field (Santorini, Greece)
Kilias S, Godelitsas A, Gamaletsos P, Mertzimekis T, Nomikou P, Göttlicher J, Steininger R, Argyraki A, Gousgouni M & Papanikolaou D

(2009) Partitioning and Speciation of Fe, Ti and Cr in High-Quality Diasporic Bauxite from Greece
Gamaletsos P, Godelitsas A, Kasama T, Dunin-Borkowski R, Goettlicher J, Church N, Economou G, Bakas T & Douvalis A

(2009) Uranium Distribution and Speciation in Greek Tethyan Limestones by μ-XRF and μ-XANES Spectroscopy
Göttlicher J, Godelitsas A, Gamaletsos P, Kafandaris F & Steininger R

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