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All abstracts by Robert Gaines in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Redox State of the Marine Nitrogen Cycle and Evolution of Eukaryotes during Late Neoproterozoic
Prokopenko M, Gaines R, Corcetti F, Loyd S, Zielinski D, Cordova A, Sigman D & Berelson W

(2013) Oxygen Minimum-Zone-Like Conditions from the Early Cambrian of Chengjiang, South China
Hammarlund E, Gaines R, Qi C & Canfield D

(2013) An Abrupt Change in the Nitrogen Cycle and Redox Conditions of Surface Environments in Ediacaran-Cambrian as Recorded in Carbonate Associated Nitrate (CAN)
Prokopenko M, Corsetti F, Gaines R, Loyd S, Kaufman J & Berelson W

(2013) Evidence for Elevated Iron Flux to the Early Phanerozoic Ocean
Gaines R, Havranek R, Metcalfe K & Peters S

(2011) Potential for Widespread Microbial Liberation of Structurally-Coordinated Iron from Common Clay Minerals in Marine Sediments
Gaines R, Trang J, Scott S, Crane E, Prokopenko M & Berelson W

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