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All abstracts by Michael Hochella in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Formation of Reactive Oxygen Species and (Iron)silicate (Nano)particles in the Mixing Zone Above Hydrothermal Vent Orifices
Luther G, Shaw T, Estes E, Berti D, Hochella M, Yucel M, Findlay A, Ferry J, Rosas R, Coffey N, Oldham V & Dias D

(2019) Abiotic Synthesis of Zerovalent Carbon in Hydrothermal Vents
Estes E, Berti D, Hochella M, Coffey N, Wozniak A & Luther G

(2019) Nanomaterials and their Impacts on the Earth System
Hochella M

(2018) Nano-Minerals Plus Higher Temperatures Accelerate the Release and Transport of Carbon from Sediment
Rod K, Smith P, Leng W, Colby S, Tfaily M, Kukkadapu R, Bowden M, Parker K, Qafoku O, Um W, Hochella M, Bailey V & Renslow R

(2018) Nanoparticulate Reverse Weathering Products in Focused and Diffuse Hydrothermal Flow
Estes E, Berti D, Findlay A, Gartman A, Hochella M, Yucel M & Luther G

(2018) The Emerging Field of Nano-Environmental Science
Hochella M & Yang Y

(2018) Structure Transformation of Core-Shell Mn Oxide Nanowires by Removal of Mn(II) from Aqueous Solution
Inoue S, Murayama M & Hochella M

(2018) Resources for Teaching Nanoscience Across the Geoscience Curriculum
Mogk D, Hochella M, Ranville J & Bruckner M

(2018) Nanoscience from the Beginning: Getting Geoscientists to Think Differently as Freshman
Hochella M

(2018) Phase, Size and Shape Variations of Biogenic Versus Abiogenic Fe-Cu-Sulfide Nanoparticles
Mansor M, Berti D, Murayama M, Hochella M & Xu J

(2017) Discovery and Ramifications of Magnéli Phase Generation and Release from Industrial Coal Burning
Hochella M & Yang Y

(2017) Crossroads in Analytical Chemistry and Non-Classical Crystal Nucleation: Deciphering the Role of Inorganic Polymers in Poorly Crystalline Nanominerals Nucleation
Caraballo MA, Becerra-Herrera M, Richter P, Moraga S, Molinas R, Cruz-Hernández P & Hochella M

(2017) The Scientific Life and Times of Gordon E. Brown, Jr
Hochella M

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