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All abstracts by Laurence Galoisy in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Weathering of Natural Pyrochlore during Hydrothermal and Supergene Alteration
Bollaert Q, Chassé M, Bastos Neto AC, Menguy N, Le Guillou C, Quantin C, Courtin A, Galoisy L & Calas G

(2021) X-Ray Absorption Evidence for a New Type of Niobium Mineralisation in Laterites
Bollaert Q, Chassé M, Quantin C, Courtin-Nomade A, Galoisy L & Calas G

(2019) Color, Stability, Chemical Durability and the Environment of Transition Elements in Oxide Glasses
Galoisy L & Calas G

(2019) Causes of the Blue Color of Gem-Quality Be-Bearing Minerals from Madagascar and Brazil
Gilles-Guéry L, Galoisy L & Calas G

(2019) The Grande Rose of Reims Cathedral: Origin of the Colour of Stained Glasses
Capobianco N, Hunault M, Balcon-Berry S, Galoisy L, Sandron D & Calas G

(2017) Structural Role of Zirconium in Nuclear Glass and in Corresponding Alteration Gel
Galoisy L, Calas G, Jollivet P, Angeli F & Gin S

(2016) Weathering Impact of Granitic Waste Rock Piles at Former Uranium Mines (Limousin, France)
Kanzari A, Gérard M, Boekhout F, Galoisy L & Descostes M

(2014) Garnet: From Stone to Star
Galoisy L

(2014) Oxidation State of Iron in Glass Inclusions: A Microspectrophotometric Contribution
Chassé M, Galoisy L, Métrich N, Calas G & Lelong G

(2014) The Structure of Glasses and Melts: Order in the Chaos
Calas G, Cormier L & Galoisy L

(2013) Contrasted Iron-Speciation in Obsidians and Tektites: A Spectroscopic Study
Chassé M, Galoisy L, Lelong G & Calas G

(2013) Insights into the Uranium Speciation in the Mill Tailings of the Cominak Mine at Akouta, Niger
Déjeant A, Galoisy L, Calas G, Phrommavanh V & Descostes M

(2013) Environmental Mineralogy: Bridging the Gap from Microscopic to Macroscopic
Calas G, Morin G, Allard T, Galoisy L, Juillot F, Ona-Nguema G & Brown, Jr. GE

(2013) An Original Microscopic Approach of UV-Visible-Near IR Spectroscopy
Galoisy L, Lelong G, Calas G & Guillaumet M

(2012) Uranium Mineralogy and Factors of Stability in the Mill Tailings of the COMINAK Mine at Akouta (Niger)
Dejeant A, Galoisy L, Calas G, Menguy N, Phrommavanh V & Descostes M

(2012) Supergene Evolution of Granitic Waste Rock Piles Around U-Mines in the Saint-Sylvestre Area (French Massif Central)
Galoisy L, Gerard M, Poquet T, Calas G, Descostes M & Phrommavanh V

(2011) Molecular Scale Origin of Nuclear Waste Glass Properties
Calas G, Cormier L, Delaye J-M, Galoisy L, Jollivet P & Peuget S

(2011) Evidence of Fe-Oxide Clusters in Obsidians
Galoisy L, Calas G & Menguy N

(2010) Structural Role of Zr in Silicate Glasses and Melts
Calas G, Dargaud O, Galoisy L, Cormier L, Menguy N, Ferlat G & Newville M

(2010) The Origin of Coloration in Garnets: An Optical Spectroscopic Study
Galoisy L, Feneyrol J, Juhin A, Kiratisin A, Giuliani G & Calas G

(2009) Uranium Trapping on Opals from the Nopal Natural Analogue: Evidence for Complexation on Internal Surface of Opal
Calas G, Galoisy L & Allard T

(2004) Structural and Magnetic Role of Iron in Obsidians
Galoisy L, Calas G, Elmaleh A & Tisserand N

(2004) Atomic Scale Determination of the Insertion of Cr3+ in Spinel and Garnets: An EXAFS Study of Site Relaxation and Element Clustering
Thibault M, Galoisy L, Calas G, Hazemann J & Proux O

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