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All abstracts by Albert Galy in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Sources of the More Weathered Hemipelagic Sediments in the Bengal Fan
Galy A, France-Lanord C, Tachambalath A & Limonta M

(2023) Oxygen Isotopic Composition of Single Detrital Quartz Grains: A New Frontier in the Source-To-Sink Study of the Bengal Fan Record
Limonta M, France-Lanord C, Rigaudier T, Bouden N & Galy A

(2023) Source to Sink Approach to Weathering Characterization and Quantification for the Himalayan Erosion System
France-Lanord C, Tachambalath A, Galy A, Limonta M, Huyghe P & Rigaudier T

(2023) U-Series Comminution Age Constrains Large Catchment Erosion and its Response to Climate Change: A Case Study from the Changjiang
Chen J, Li C, Galy A, Yang C, Wang H & Yang S

(2022) Neogene Erosion and Weathering Processes Recorded in the Bay of Bengal
Galy A, France-Lanord C, Galy V & Tachambalath AP

(2022) Trans-Himalaya Weathering Under Monsoon Climate: What is the Impact of South Tibetan Mountain Weathering on Paleogene Climate Cooling?
Ruan X, Galy A & Yang Y

(2022) Interplay between the Westerlies and Asian Monsoon: Cenozoic Weathering and Climate Tales from the NE Tibet
Yang Y, Galy A, Fang X, Ye C & Han W

(2022) A Causal Link between UHP Metamorphism and Cenozoic Seawater Sr Isotopic Evolution?: Clues from Hydrothermal System in the NE Tibetan Plateau
Liu Y, Yang Y, Galy A, Zhang F, Zhang G, Song B, Jin Z & Fang X

(2022) Carbonate Weathering Drives Magnesium Isotopes in Large Rivers: Insights from the Yangtze River
Xu Y, Jin Z, Gou L-F, Galy A, Jin C, Chen C, Li C & Deng L

(2022) Cation Isotopes Trace Chemical Weathering
Gou L-F, Jin Z, Galy A, Pogge von Strandmann PAE, Bouchez J & Zhao Z-Q

(2022) Silicate Weathering Budget of Himalaya from IODP Expedition 354 in the Bengal Fan
Tachambalath AP, France-Lanord C, Galy A, Rigaudier T & Charreau J

(2022) Quantitative Assessment of CO2 Uptake by Silicate Weathering during Continental Erosion. Application to the Himalayan Erosion
France-Lanord C, Tachambalath AP & Galy A

(2021) East Asian Monsoon Intensification Promoted Weathering of the Magnesium-Rich Southern China Upper Crust and its Global Significance
Yang Y, Galy A, Fang X, Wan S, France-Lanord C, Zhang R, Zhang J, Yang S, Miao Y, Liu Y & Ye C

(2021) Influence of Periglacial Conditions on River Chemistry in Active Mountain Belts Insights from the Zayu River Catchment from SE Tibet
Ruan X & Galy A

(2021) Bengal fan Record of Silicate Weathering of Himalaya Through Neogene
Tachambalath AP, France-Lanord C, Galy A & Charreau J

(2020) The Carbon Budget of the Himalayan Orogeny from Source to Sink
France-Lanord C, Derry LA, Feakins SJ, Galy A, Galy V, Girault F, Lupker M & Tachambalath A

(2020) Triple Oxygen and Hydrogen Isotopic Variations of Pore Waters from the Middle Bengal Fran (IODP Exp. 354)
Galy A

(2019) No C Enrichment in the Mantle Source of Carbonatites in Eastern Africa
Casola V, France L, Bouden N, Galy A & Villeneuve J

(2019) Neogene 87Sr/86Sr Record of Rivers in the Northeastern Tibetan Plateau
Yang Y, Yang R, Galy A, Fang X, Ruan X, Jin Z & Zhang F

(2018) Southeastward Impact of Eolian Dust on River Chemistry in the Northeastern Tibetan Plateau during the Late Cenozoic
Yang Y, Ruan X, Fang X, Galy A, Jin Z, Zhang F & Yang R

(2018) Importance of Biological Processes in the Critical Zone: Insights from Mg Isotopes
Bedja I & Galy A

(2018) Detrital, Biogenic, and Diagenetic Carbonates in Turbidites of the Bengal Fan
France-Lanord C, Galy A & Rigaudier T

(2017) Development of Mass-Dependent Nd Isotopic Analysis to Trace Natural from Anthropogenic Nd
Bothamy N & Galy A

(2017) Origin of Salt Nodules in the Udachnaya-East Kimberlites? Insights from Sr-Nd and S- Isotopes
Kitayama YC, Thomassot E, Korsakov A, Golovin A, Galy A & Ionov D

(2017) Eolian Dust Forcing of River Chemistry on the Northeastern Tibetan Plateau Since 8 Ma
Yang Y, Galy A, Fang X, Zhang W & Zan J

(2017) Mn-Cr Isotope Study of Ordinary Chondrites: New Information Derived from Chromites and Bulk Meteorites
Göpel C, Birck J-L & Galy A

(2017) Chemical Weathering in a Mediterranean Karstic Watershed as a Proxy to Climate Changes
Rahme Y, Galy A, El Samrani A & Maatouk E

(2017) Mio-Pliocene Variations of the Indian Monsoon Recorded in the Bengal Fan (IODP Exp354)
Galy V, Feakins S, Ponton C, Galy A & France-Lanord C

(2017) Carbonate Content of the Turbidite in the Bengal Fan: A Neogene Record of the Monsoon’s Strength?
Galy A, France-Lanord C, Galy V & Rigaudier T

(2016) Sulfides and Sulfates in the "Salty" Udachnaya-East Kimberlite: Their Magmatic S-Isotopic Compositions
Kitayama Y, Thomassot E, d'Eyrames E, Korsakov AV, Golovin AV, Galy A & Reisberg L

(2016) Exploring the Controls on Authigenic Nd and Pb Isotope Tracers in the Indian and Southern Oceans
Wilson D, van de Flierdt T, Struve T, Piotrowski A, Galy A & Adkins J

(2015) Chromites of Ordinary Chondrites: Chronological Constraints by the Initial Cr Method and New Oxygen Isotope Data
Göpel C, Birck JL, Assayag N, Cartigny P & Galy A

(2015) Chemical Weathering in the Flood Plain of the Ganges
Bickle M, Chapman H, Tipper E, Galy A, de la Rocha C & Ahmad T

(2015) Wood-Rich Turbidites in the Bengal Fan: A Discovery by IODP Expedition 354
Ponton C, Galy V, Galy A & Science Party IE3

(2015) Weathering Through Weather: Extreme Events as Distinct Chemical Weathering Drivers
Emberson R, Hovius N & Galy A

(2014) Germanium Incorporation into Authigenic Marine Silicate Minerals: An Experimental Approach
Tosca R, Tosca N & Galy A

(2014) The Impact of Landsliding on Chemical Weathering in an Active Mountain Belt
Emberson R, Hovius N & Galy A

(2013) Pb Isotopic Composition of Himalayan Sediments
Galy A, Gattacceca J, Piotrowski A & Frank M

(2013) 54Cr Isotope Anomalies and Mn/Cr Chronology in Chondrites
Göpel C, Birck J-L, Zipfel J, Galy A & Zanda B

(2013) Modelling Gas-Fluid-Mineral Interactions in a CO2 Injection Analogue Site with Noble Gases
Zhou Z, Bickle M, Galy A, Chapman H, Kampman N, Dubacq B, Wigley M, Warr O, Sirikitputtisak T, Hannah P & Ballentine C

(2013) CO2 Dissolution Rates during CO2 Injection: A Consequence and Measure of Reservoir Heterogeneities
Bickle M, Daniels K, Neufeld J, Kampman N, Galy A, Chapman H, Zhou Z, Dubacq B, Wigley M, Warr O & Ballentine C

(2013) Deep Ocean Circulation and its Link to Carbon Storage Through Glacial Cycles
Wilson D, Piotrowski A, Galy A & Banakar V

(2013) New Views on the Neogene Harvesting & Burial of Terrestrial Organic Carbon
Galy A, Hilton R, Smith J, Sparkes R & Hovius N

(2013) Western Oregon as a Low-Sediment End Member of Particulate Organic Carbon Export from Temperate Forested Uplands
Smith J, Galy A, Hovius N & Tye A

(2012) Submarine Groundwater Discharge at an Active Margin: NE Taiwan Coast
Gattacceca JC, Hovius N, West AJ, Galy A, Hammond D, Liu JT & Kao S-J

(2012) Chemical Weathering Fluxes Through a Coastal Aquifer, the Pingtung Plain, Southwest Taiwan
Martin C, Galy A, Hovius N, Bickle M, Lin I-T, Horng M-J, Calmels D, Chapman H & Chen H

(2012) Constraints on the Mg Initial Isotopic Composition of the Solar System from CM & CR Chondrite
Galy A, Goepel C & Birck J-L

(2012) Climatic and Geomorphic Controls on the Erosion of Carbon from Mountain Forest: Implications for Earth's Thermostat
Hilton R, Galy A, Hovius N, Kao S-J, Horng M-J & Chen H

(2011) Changes in Neogene Himalayan Erosion Regime: Input of Pb and Nd Isotopes into the Indian Ocean
Gattacceca JC, Galy A, Piotrowski AM & Frank M

(2011) Contribution of Groundwater to Chemical Weathering Fluxes in the Pingtung Plain, Taiwan
Martin C, Galy A, Hovius N, Bickle M, Lin I-T, Horng M-J, Calmels D, Chapman H & Chen H

(2011) Efficient Cycling of Particulate Organic Carbon Through Orogenic Systems
Hovius N, Galy A, Hilton R, Sparkes R, Kao S-J & Liu J

(2011) Particulate Organic Carbon Deposition Offshore Taiwan Following Typhoon Morakot
Sparkes R, Hovius N, Galy A, Kumar RV & Liu JT

(2011) Carbon Export by Erosion of Biomass from a Mountain Belt: Controls on Rates of Transfer
Hilton RG, Hovius N, Galy A, Horng MJ & Chen H

(2011) A Spatial Perspective on Nd Isotope Records from the Western Indian Ocean: Evidence for a 'Boundary Exchange' Control?
Wilson D, Piotrowski A & Galy A

(2011) Short-Term CO2-Fluid-Mineral Interactions in a CO2 Injection Experiment, Wyoming
Kampman N, Bickle M, Galy A, Chapman H, Zhou Z, Dubacq B, Wigley M, Warr O, Sirikitputtisak T & Ballentine C

(2011) Looking for PON in Fluviatile and Marine Sediments: Insights from Nitrogen Isotopic Compositions
Galy A, Hilton R, Hovius N, Smith J & Sparkes R

(2011) Predicting CO2 EOR and Geological Sequestration Processes with Artificial Noble Gas Tracers
Zhou Z, Bickle M, Galy A, Chapman H, Kampman N, Dubacq B, Wigley M, Warr O, Sirikitputtisak T, Hannah P & Ballentine C

(2010) Impact of Sulfide Oxidation on Continental Chemical Weathering Budgets and Global Carbon Cycle
Calmels D, Gaillardet J, Galy A, France-Lanord C, West AJ, Bickle MJ & Hovius N

(2009) Metals Pollution of the Ancient Harbor of Tyre (Lebanon)
Elmaleh A, Galy A, Allard T, Day JA, Marriner N & Morhange C

(2009) Contribution of Deep Groundwater to Weathering Budget in a Rapidly Eroding Mountain Belt, Taiwan
Calmels D, Galy A, Bickle MJ, Hovius N, Chen M-C & Chapman H

(2009) The Nd Isotopic Signature of Himalayan Chemical Weathering
Galy A

(2009) Experimental Study of Ge Sorption to Particulate Organic Matter
Parsons R & Galy A

(2009) Erosion and Weathering in Taiwan
Hovius N, Galy A, Calmels D, Meunier P, Hilton R, Bickle M, West J, Chen H & Sparkes R

(2009) Deglacial Changes in Neodymium Isotopes in the Western Indian Ocean
Wilson D, Piotrowski A & Galy A

(2009) Linking North and South Atlantic Deep Water Circulation Using Nd Isotopes
Piotrowski A, Galy A, Yu J, Scrivner A, Nicholl J, Roberts N, Wilson D & Noble T

(2008) Ca Isotope Ratios in the Largest Rivers in the World: Implications for the Global Ca Budget and Weathering Processes
Tipper E, Gaillardet J, Galy A, Louvat P & Bickle M

(2008) Constraints on Chemical Weathering Processes in the Taiwan Orogen from Short- and Long-Term Time Series of River Water Samples
Calmels D, Galy A, Bickle M, Hovius N, Horng MJ & Chen H

(2007) Calcium and Magnesium Isotope Systematics in Rivers. Fractionation or Lithological Control?
Tipper E, Galy A, Gaillardet J & Bickle M

(2007) Variable Calcium Isotopic Fractionation Factor in Natural Carbonated Water
Sime N & Galy A

(2007) The Effect of Variable Source of Terrestrial Organic Carbon on Geochemical Records of Atmospheric Level of CO2
Galy A & Hilton R

(2007) Interpreting the Ca Isotope Record from Marine Biogenic Carbonates
De La Rocha C, Sime N, Tipper E, Tripati A, Galy A & Bickle M

(2006) A revised estimate of the δ44/42Ca of continental runoff
Tipper E, Galy A, Bickle M, Calmels D & Gaillardet J

(2006) The Mg isotope budget of the modern ocean: Constraints from riverine Mg isotope ratios
Tipper E, Galy A, Gaillardet J, Bickle M, Elderfield H & Carder E

(2006) Can we derive chemical erosion flux from river sediment?
France-Lanord C, Galy V, Galy A & Singh SK

(2005) Process-Related Covariation in Mg and Ca Isotopes in the Riverine Dissolved Load
Tipper E, Galy A & Bickle M

(2005) Mechamisms of Mg Isotopes Fractionation during CaCO<->3<$> Biomineralisation
Dessert C, Galy A & Elderfield H

(2005) Magnesium Isotopes in Bacterial Dolomites: A Novel Approach to the Dolomite Problem
Carder E, Galy A, McKenzie J, Vasconcelos C & Elderfield H

(2005) Distinguishing between Kinetic and Equilibrium Isotopic Fractionations Using 3 Isotopes
Galy A

(2005) Riverine Particulate Organic Carbon from the Western Southern Alps, New Zealand
Hilton R, Galy A & Hovius N

(2005) The Importance of a Vital Effect on the Ca Isotopic Composition of Foraminiferal Tests
Galy A, Sime NG & Tipper ET

(2004) Ge/Si and Ge Isotope Systematic in Marine Sediments
Rouxel O, Galy A & Elderfield H

(2004) Isotopic Composition of Dissolved Mg in Himalayan River Waters
Tipper E, Galy A & Bickle M

(2004) The Magnesium Isotopic Composition of Oceanic Water Masses
Carder E, Galy A & Elderfield H

(2004) An Introduction to the Isotope Geochemistry of Magnesium
Galy A

(2004) Metal-Silicate Fractionation and Chondrule Formation: Fe Isotope Constraints
Zhu X, Guo Y, Tang S, Galy A, Ash R & O'Nions K

(2004) Metamorphic CO2 is Climatically Significant?
Becker J, Bickle M & Galy A

(2002) Ge-Isotopic Fractionation during its Sorption on Goethite: An Experimental Study
Galy A, Pokrovsky OS & Schott J

(2002) Isotopic Composition of Dissolved Mg in Natural Waters
Galy A

(2002) The Climatic Control of Weathering in the Himalayan River System
France-Lanord C, Galy A & Singh S

(2001) High-Precision Measurement of Light Elements Isotopic Ratios by MC-ICPMS: Example of Mg
Galy A, Belshaw NS, Halicz L & O'Nions RK

(2001) Mg Isotopic Composition of Modern Planktonic Foraminifera
Chang VT-C, Galy A & O'Nions RK

(2001) Magnesium Isotope Ratio Measurements by UV Laser Ablation and Multicollector ICPMS: Results from a CAI
Belshaw NS, Young ED & Galy A

(2000) A Preliminary Study on Mg Isotopic Compositions of Foraminifera
Chang VT, Galy A & O'Nions RK

(2000) Higher Erosion Rates in the Himalaya: Geochemical Constraints on Riverine Fluxes
Galy A & France-Lanord C

(2000) Erosion Processes and Fluxes in the Central Himalaya from Geochemical Constraints
France-Lanord C, Galy A, Gajurel A, Derry L, Evans M, Hurtrez J, Riotte J, Pierson-Wickmann A & Rose E

(2000) Mg Isotope Fractionation during Speleothems Formation
Galy A, Bar-Matthews M, Halicz L & O'Nions RK

(2000) High Precision Iron Isotope Measurements in Meteorites
Zhu X, Guo Y, Galy A, O'Nions K, Young E & Ash R

(2000) Is There a CHUR for Mg?
Galy A & O'Nions RK

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