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All abstracts by Valier Galy in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Neogene Erosion and Weathering Processes Recorded in the Bay of Bengal
Galy A, France-Lanord C, Galy V & Tachambalath AP

(2022) Using Rhenium, δ187Re, and RPO-14C to Trace the Fate of Rock Organic Carbon in the Critical Zone
Grant KE, Dellinger M, Nowell GM, Petsch S, Galy V & Hilton R

(2022) GDGT Stable Carbon Isotope Ratios Reveal Changes in Organic Carbon Cycling in the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghana River Basin due to Modern Land Use Practices
Boehman B, Hein C, French K, Phelps S, Pearson A & Galy V

(2021) Terrestrial Carbon Dynamics Through Time – Insights from Downcore Radiocarbon Dating
Smittenberg R, Galy V, Gierga M, Birkholz A, Usman M, Ponton C, Hajdas I, Wacker L, Haghipour N, Giosan L, Bernasconi SM & Eglinton TI

(2020) Basin-Scale Climate Control on Terrestrial Biospheric Carbon Turnover
Galy V, Eglinton T, Hemingway J & Feng X

(2020) Post-Glacial Hydroclimate Forcing of Tropical Soil-Carbon Storage
Hein C, Galy V, Eglinton T, Usman M & Haghipour N

(2020) The Carbon Budget of the Himalayan Orogeny from Source to Sink
France-Lanord C, Derry LA, Feakins SJ, Galy A, Galy V, Girault F, Lupker M & Tachambalath A

(2020) The Fate of Rock Organic Carbon in the Critical Zone
Grant K, Galy V & Hilton R

(2019) Biomass Derived Carbon Key to Western Himalayan Glacier Melt
Nizam S, Sen IS, Galy V, Selby D, Vinoj V, Bizmis M & Azam MF

(2019) Controls on Temporal Variations in the Dissolved 87Sr/86Sr of Large Rivers: Evidence from the Ganga and Brahmaputra
Boral S, Peucker-Ehrenbrink B, Hemingway J, Sen I & Galy V

(2018) Microbial Oxidation of Lithospheric Organic Carbon in Rapidly Eroding Mountain Soils
Hemingway J, Hilton R, Hovius N, Eglinton T, Haghipour N, Wacker L, Chen M-C & Galy V

(2018) Perylene Imparts an Estimate for the Age of Terrigenous Organic Matter in Sediments
Hanke UM, Eglinton TI, Galy V & Reddy CM

(2018) Plant Wax Evidence for Monsoon Precipitation and the Expansion of C4 Ecosystems in the Late Miocene
Feakins S, Vidal E, Cho P, Wu MS, Ponton C & Galy V

(2018) Hydroclimate Forcing of the Terrestrial Organic Carbon Cycle during the Last Deglaciation
Galy V, Hein C & Eglinton T

(2018) Organic Carbon Export from the Mackenzie Basin: Insights from Observations Spanning 30 Years
Schwab M, Hilton R, Galy V, Haghipour N, GrafPannatier E, Macdonald R & Eglinton T

(2018) Multi-Level Radiocarbon Analysis of Hawaiian SOC
Grant K, Galy V, Haghipour N, Eglinton T & Derry L

(2018) Old Dissolved Inorganic Carbon in the Mackenzie River Basin: A Smoking gun for the Degradation of Aged Organic Matter?
Hilton R, Tipper E, Galy V, Garnett M, Dellinger M, Schwab M, Tank S, Bryant C, Ascough P & Eglinton T

(2017) Controls on the Mackenzie River Sediment Geochemistry
Dellinger M, Gaillardet J, Hilton RG, Galy V, Bouchez J, Tipper E & Calmels D

(2017) Iron Loss Promotes SOC Turnover on a Hawaiian Soil Gradient
Grant K, Galy V, Haghipour N, Eglinton T & Derry L

(2017) Mio-Pliocene Variations of the Indian Monsoon Recorded in the Bengal Fan (IODP Exp354)
Galy V, Feakins S, Ponton C, Galy A & France-Lanord C

(2017) Carbonate Content of the Turbidite in the Bengal Fan: A Neogene Record of the Monsoon’s Strength?
Galy A, France-Lanord C, Galy V & Rigaudier T

(2017) Planktonic Community Responses to Oxygen Minimum Zone (Omz) Variability in the Arabian Sea
More K, Coolen M, Grice K, Wuchter C, Galy V & Giosan L

(2017) Rapid Microbial Oxidation of Rock-Derived Organic Carbon in Tropical Mountain Soils
Hemingway J, Hilton R, Hovius N, Eglinton T & Galy V

(2017) Erosion and Weathering Drive Net CO2 Drawdown in the Mackenzie River Basin over Geological Time
Horan K, Hilton R, Dellinger M, Galy V, Gaillardet J, Tipper E, Selby D, Ottley C & Burton K

(2017) Post-Glacial Climate Forcings and Feedbacks of the Carbon Cycle in the Ganges-Brahmaputra Basin
Hein C, Galy V & Eglinton T

(2016) Radiocarbon Constraints on Timescales of Particulate Organic Matter Transport over Continental Shelves
Bao R, Haghipour N, Wacker L, Montlucon D, Zhao M, McNichol A, Galy V & Eglinton T

(2016) Germanium Stable Isotopes (δ74Ge) in Weathering: Is There Potential for Paleo-Weathering Reconstruction?
Baronas JJ, Hammond DE, Rouxel O, West AJ, Torres M, Opfergelt S, Burton K, James R, Pogge von Strandmann P, Monteverde D, Gaillardet J, Bouchez J & Galy V

(2015) Timescales of Plant Wax Storage and Transport in River Systems
Galy V, Hein C, Fornace K, Dubois N, Oppo D & Eglinton T

(2015) Wood-Rich Turbidites in the Bengal Fan: A Discovery by IODP Expedition 354
Ponton C, Galy V, Galy A & Science Party IE3

(2015) Climate Control on the Timescales and Pathways of Carbon Export from the Terrestrial Biosphere
Eglinton T, Galy V, Feng X, McIntyre C, Schefuss E, Tao S, Zhao M, Peucker-Ehrenbrink B & Hughen K

(2015) Domination of Soil in 14C Age Spectra in Sediments from a Major River System–Implications for Carbon Cycling
Rosenheim B, Roberts B, Van Metre P, Galy V, Shields M, Cui X & Bianchi T

(2014) Tracking Organic Carbon Across the Andes-Amazon Transition with Terrestrial Biomarker Isotopes
West AJ, Ponton C, Feakins S & Galy V

(2014) Residence Time of Sedimentary Organic Matter in the Fraser River Basin, B.C., Canada
Voss B, Eglinton T, Peucker-Ehrenbrink B, Galy V, Venditti J & Haught D

(2014) Widespread Export of Permafrost-Derived Organic Carbon by the Mackenzie River: A Carbon Dioxide Sink Rather Than Source?
Hilton R, Galy V, Dellinger M, Gaillardet J, Bryant C, ORegan M & Grocke D

(2014) Typhoon-Mediated Organic Carbon Export in the Western Pacific: The Role of Steep Mountainous Rivers
Hemingway J, Galy V & Hovius N

(2014) A Global Perspective on Riverine Export of Terrestrial Organic Carbon to the Ocean
Galy V, Eglinton T & Peucker-Ehrenbrink B

(2014) A Tale of Two Molecules: Leaf Wax and Lignin
Feakins S, Ponton C, Feng X, West J & Galy V

(2013) Organic Carbon Export in Taiwan: Insights from Marine Sediments
Beyssac O, Galy V & Su C-C

(2013) Particulate Organic Carbon Age Spectra: Evaluating Different Spectra from Different Basin Types
Rosenheim B, Galy V, Williams E, Roberts B, Allison M, Schreiner K & Bianchi T

(2013) Balancing Chemical and Physical Erosion in the Ganga Basin
France-Lanord C, Galy V, Gajurel A, Lavé J, Lupker M & Morin G

(2012) The Fractionation of Lithium Isotopes during Continental Weathering: Clues from the Amazon and Mackenzie Rivers
Dellinger M, Gaillardet J, Galy V, Louvat P, Birck J-L & Bouchez J

(2012) Origin and Fluxes of Dissolved Sulphate in the Himalayan System: Evaluation and Implication
France-Lanord C, Gajurel A, Galy V, Lupker M & Morin G

(2011) Comparing the Fate of Lignin in Dissolved and Particulate Organic Matter of Ganges–Brahmaputra River System
Feng X, Galy V, Montlucon D & Eglinton T

(2011) Tracing Molecular Proxy Signals from Biological Source to Sedimentary Sink
Eglinton T, Galy V, Feng X, Voss B, Peucker-Ehrenbrink B, Ponton C, Giosan L, Schefuss E, Montlucon D, Douglas P, Pagani M, Wu Y & Drenzek N

(2011) Himalayan Weathering Evolution from LGM to Present
Lupker M, France-Lanord C, Galy V, Lavé J & Kudrass H

(2011) Erosion in the Arctic: Enhanced Carbon Sequestration Associated with High Latitude Warmth?
Hilton RG, Galy V, Gaillardet J, Calmels D, Grocke DR & Bryant C

(2009) Orogenic Sources and Sinks of CO2: The Himalayan Example
France-Lanord C, Galy V & Lupker M

(2009) Orogeny, Metamorphism and Erosion: Towards a Selective Recycling of Graphite and Long-Term Stabilization of C in the Crust
Beyssac O, Galy V, Bouchez J, Gaillardet J & France-Lanord C

(2009) Spatial Variation of Weathering in the Ganga Basin
Lupker M, France-Lanord C, Lavé J & Galy V

(2009) Determination of Source and Transfer-Time of River Sediments in Alluvial Plain from U-Series Nuclides: Evidence from the Ganges River System
Chabaux F, Granet M, Blaes E, Dosseto T, France-Lanord C & Galy V

(2008) Isotopic Tracing of Carbon Weathering in the Amazon River
Bouchez J, Gaillardet J, France-Lanord C & Galy V

(2007) Weathering over a Large Range of Erosion Solid Products: Insights from Amazon River Depth-Samplings
Bouchez J, Gaillardet J, France-Lanord C, Galy V & Maurice-Bourgoin L

(2006) Particulate Organic Carbon Transport During Himalayan Erosion
Galy V & France-Lanord C

(2006) Can we derive chemical erosion flux from river sediment?
France-Lanord C, Galy V, Galy A & Singh SK

(2006) Evolution of paleoclimatic conditions and vegetation change in Himalaya from compound specific hydrogen and carbon analyses
Palhol F, Galy V, France-Lanord C, Faure P & François L

(2006) Sediment sources and transport in the Ganga-Brahmaputra basin: information from Os isotopes
Paul M, Reisberg L, Vigier N, France-Lanord C & Galy V

(2004) Geochemical Differentiation Induced by Sediment Transport in the Bengal Fan: Implications for Carbon Uptake Budget
Galy V, France-Lanord C & Huyghe P

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