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All abstracts by Charles Lesher in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) A Search for Isotopic Evidence of Thermodiffusion at the Core-Mantle Boundary
Sio CKI, Render J, Wimpenny J, Labidi J, Vlastelic I, Rizo H, Archer G, Lesher C, Brenan J & Bennett NR

(2020) Insights into Oxygen Fugacity and Charge Effects on Diffusion from Thermal Diffusion Experiments
Lin X, Lundstrom C, Krawczynski M, Lesher C & Bruckel K

(2019) Examining 87Sr/86Sr Isotope Ratios Using LA-MC-ICP-MS in Biogenic and Hydrothermally Derived Minerals: Analytical Challenges and New Insights
Glessner J, Willmes M, Griffin J, Zierenberg R, Fox S, Katzir Y, Montanez I & Lesher C

(2018) Phase Equilibria and Geochemical Constraints on the Petrogenesis of high-Ti Picrite from the Paleogene East Greenland Flood Basalt Province
Zhang Y-S, Hou T, Veksler I, Lesher C & Namur O

(2018) Markov Chain Monte Carlo Inversion of Mantle Temperature and Composition beneath Iceland
Brown E, Petersen K & Lesher C

(2018) Isotope Fractionation at the Core-Mantle Boundary by Thermal Diffusion
Lesher C & Dannberg J

(2017) Strontium Isotopes in Plagioclase Constrain Mantle Sources and Crustal Differentiation Processes of the Skaergaard Intrusion and Kialineq Complex of Eastern Greenland
Hagen-Peter G, Vestergaard C, Tegner C, Ulrich T, Andreasen R & Lesher C

(2017) On the Relationship of the Nebo Granite to the Rustenburg Layered Suite, Bushveld Complex
Skursch O, Tegner C, Corfu F, Cawthorn G, Hagen-Peter G & Lesher C

(2017) Phenocryst-Matrix Study of Fe Isotope Fractionation at Magmatic Conditions
Stausberg N, Andreasen R & Lesher C

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