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All abstracts by Laure A.J. Martin in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Tracing the Origin of Melt-Enhancing Fluids in TTGs via in situ Oxygen Isotopes
Volante S, Pourteau A, Li Z-X, Collins W, Doucet LS, Olierook H, Martin LAJ & Smit M

(2023) Noble Gas Analyses of Fluid Inclusions in the Deep Hiltaba Suite Granite (South Australia) Reveal Fluid Circulation on the Billion Year Time Scale
Wilske C, Suckow AO, Gerber C, Crane P, Deslandes A, Delle Piane C, Bourdet J, Questiaux D, Spooner N, Martin LAJ, Aleshin M & Mallants D

(2023) Is the Primary Sulfur Isotope Signature of a Porphyry Cu-Magma Preserved in Zircon-Hosted Apatite?
Consuma G, Kemp A, Martin LAJ, Hagemann S, Fiorentini M & Tattitch B

(2023) Geochemical Study of Disseminated Nickel Sulfides from the Late Archean Shankaraghatta Ultramafic-Mafic Complex, Western Dharwar Craton (Southern India)
Mukherjee R, Fiorentini M & Martin LAJ

(2023) Authigenic Silica and Primary Productivity in the Mesoproterozoic Oceans: Insights from the Organic Rich Mudstones of the Velkerri Formation (Northern Territory Australia)
Delle Piane C, Millilken KL, Crombez V, Martin LAJ & Rickard WDA

(2023) Natural Hydrogen in Low Temperature Geofluids in a Mesoproterozoic Granite, South Australia
Bourdet J, Delle Piane C, Wilske C, Mallants D, Suckow AO, Martin LAJ, Aleshin M, Gerber C, Crane P & Deslandes A

(2022) Crustal Growth and Reworking in the Early Archean Narryer Terrane: New Evidence from Strontium Isotopes in Apatite Inclusions
Gillespie J, Kinny P, Cavosie AJ, Kirkland CL, Martin LAJ, Roberts MP, Aleshin M, Fougerouse D, Quadir Z & Nemchin AA

(2022) Going Back in Time: Mineral Pitfalls and Associated SIMS Tricks
Martin LAJ, Gillespie J, Kirkland CL, Kinny P & Aleshin M

(2022) Deposition of Au-Rich Rims of Pyrite from a Carlin-Type Au Deposit
Wu Y, Evans K, Fougerouse D, Danyushevsky L, Olin P, Martin LAJ & Li J

(2022) Variation of Sulfur Isotopes in Indium-Rich Tin Deposits (Baal Gammon and Isabel) of Herberton Mineral Field, Queensland, Australia
Kumar A, Sanislav I, Martin LAJ & Dirks P

(2022) Nanoparticle Suspensions Elucidate High-Grade Gold Mineralisation Processes
Petrella L, Thebaud N, Fougerouse D, Tattitch B, Martin LAJ, Turner S, Suvorova A & Gain S

(2017) Zircon O Isotope (18O/16O) Single-Grain Mapping Using LG-Sims
Jeon H, Kilburn M & Martin L

(2017) Origin of Zircons from the Kondyor Platinum-Bearing Massif (Russia): Evidence from U-Pb and Hf-O Isotopic Data
Badanina I, Belousova E, Malitch K, Griffin W & Martin L

(2017) Textural, Chemical and Isotopic Record of Fluid-Rock Interactions in Lawsonite-Eclogite from Port Macquarie (Australia)
Martin LAJ, Galtier A, Kilburn MR & Guagliardo P

(2017) Moissanite in Volcanic Systems: Super-Reduced Conditions in the Mantle
Huang J, Xiong Q, Griffin W, Martin L, Toledo V & O'Reilly S

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