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All abstracts by Adrian Mellage in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Isotope Fractionation Reveals Limitations and Microbial Regulation of Pollutant Biodegradation at Low Concentrations
Elsner M, Sun F, Kundu K, Ehrl B, Gharasoo M, Marozava S, Mellage A, Merl-Pham J, Peters J, Wang Z, Bakkour R, Melsbach A, Cao X, Zimmermann R, Griebler C, Thullner M & Cirpka OA

(2023) A Glimpse of the Solid-Water Interface: An Ion-Exchange Case Study Showing How Geo-Electrical Measurements can Help us to Understand (Bio)geochemical Reaction Dynamics
Strobel C, Mellage A, Huisman JA & Cirpka OA

(2021) Autotrophic Nitrate Reduction Coupled to Oxidation of Fe(II) Phases by a Gallionellaceae Sp.-Dominated Microbial Community Enriched from a Pyrite-Rich Aquifer
Jakus N, Blackwell N, Mellage A, Straub D, Hoeschen C, Maisch M, Byrne JM, Mueller CW, Grathwohl P, Kleindienst S & Kappler A

(2019) NOM and AQDS Enhance the Electron Transfer between Fe(III)-reducing Bacteria and Fe(III) Minerals over Cm-Distances
Bai Y, Mellage A, Cirpka OA & Kappler A

(2019) Microbial Uncoupling and Energy Storage: A Modeling Study of Nitrite Toxicity-Induced Stress Response
Mellage A, Smeaton C, Slowinski S & Van Cappellen P

(2017) Linking Water Table Dynamics to Soil Biogeochemistry in a Column Incubation Experiment
Pronk G, Mellage A, Milojevic T, Smeaton C, Rezanezhad F & Van Cappellen P

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