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All abstracts by Henry Moll in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) U(VI) and Eu(III) Bioassociation Behavior and Uptake Mechanisms of Plant Cells
Jessat J, Moll H, Bilke M-L, John W, Hübner R, Steudtner R, Drobot B, Bok F, Stumpf T & Sachs S

(2021) Deciphering the Molecular Interaction of Stenotrophomnas Bentonitica with EuIII/CmIII Related to the Safety of Future Deep Geological Repositories of Nuclear Wastes
Martínez-Moreno MF, Ruiz-Fresneda MA, Lopez-Fernandez M, Cherkouk A, Ju-Nam Y, Ojeda-Ledo JJ, Moll H & Merroun ML

(2019) Time Dependence of the Bioassociation Behavior of U(VI) and Eu(III) with Brassica Napus Cells
Jessat J, Sachs S, Moll H, Steudtner R, Bok F & Stumpf T

(2017) Canola Cell (Brassica Napus) Responses to europium(III) Exposure: A Spectroscopic Study
Moll H, Sachs S & Geipel G

(2017) Speciation of Se(IV) and Eu(III) Associated with Stenotrophomonas Bentonitica BII-R7 Isolated from Spanish Bentonites
Ruiz-Fresneda MA, Gomez-Bolivar J, Fernandez-Cantos MV, Delgado-Martin J, Cherkouk A, Moll H & Merroun ML

(2017) Structural Elucidation of U(VI)-isosaccharinic Acid Complexes Under Acidic Conditions: Spectroscopic and Theoretical Investigations
Brinkmann H, Moll H, Patzschke M, Rossberg A & Stumpf T

(2017) Spectroscopic and Microscopic Approach of U(VI) Sorption on Acidovorax Facilis for Remediation Purpose
Krawczyk-Bärsch E, Gerber U, Steudtner R, Müller K, Moll H, Rossberg A & Merroun M

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