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All abstracts by Remi Marsac in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Prediction of the Impact of the Environmental Conditions on the Stoichiometry (Fe(II)/Fe(III)) of Magnetite Nanoparticles
Jungcharoen P, Pédrot M, Heberling F, Hanna K, Choueikani F, Catrouillet C, Dia A & Marsac R

(2023) The Rare Earth Element ‘probe’: Investigation of the Water/Solid Interfaces and their Impact on the Rare Earth Element Dissemination
Davranche M, Dia A, Marsac R, Catrouillet C, Pédrot M, Tadayon Y, Vantelon D, Blancho F & Gigault J

(2023) Investigation of magnetite-Co Interactions by Soft XAS and XMCD
Fablet L, Pédrot M, Marsac R & Choueikani F

(2023) Estimating Organic Matter Acid-Base Properties and Electrical Charge by Spectrophotometry
Tesfa M, Dia A, Mahe F, Janot N & Marsac R

(2022) What Degree of Complexity to Model the Release of Metals from Solid Deposits from Water Treatment Nature-Based Solutions?
Blanc D, Banc C, Gautier M, Lupsea M, Marsac R & Gourdon R

(2021) Simplified Spectrophotometric Acid-Base Titrations to Assess Organic Matter Reactivity
Tesfa M, Marsac R, Dia A & Mahe F

(2021) Reactive Transport of Rare Earth Elements: Surface Complexation with Quartz Surfaces and Modeling Investigations
IqbaI M, Marsac R & Hanna K

(2021) Geochemical Behavior of Redox Sensitive Lanthanides and Actinides at Colloids-Water Interfaces
Marsac R, Banik NL, Luetzenkirchen J & Pédrot M

(2021) Reactive Transport of Selenite and Strontium Through a Goethite Coated Sand Column
Zunftmeister L, Nie Z, Heberling F, Luetzenkirchen J, Finck N, Liu C, Marsac R, Jordan N & Hanna K

(2017) Adsorption of Antibiotics onto Mixtures of Goethite and Manganese Oxide
Kamagate M, Marsac R, Assadi A, Giraudet S, Coulibaly L & Hanna K

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