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All abstracts by Filip J.R. Meysman in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Impact of Cable Bacteria on the Biogeochemistry of Coastal Sediment
Hermans M, Behrends T, Risgaard-Petersen N, Meysman FJR & Slomp CP

(2018) Cable Bacteria Enhance Iron Driven Dissimilatory Nitrate Reduction to Ammoium in Estuarine Sediments
Cook P, Kessler A, Glud R & Meysman F

(2018) The Impact of Bioturbation on the Coupled Cycling of Carbon, Iron and Sulphur in Marine Sediments
van de Velde S, Antler G & Meysman F

(2017) Mn/Ca Ratios as Proxy for Benthic Ecosystem Oxygenation: Culturing Study and Field Observations of Ammonia Tepida
Petersen J, Barras C, Mouret A, Nardelli MP, Metzger E, Bézos A, La C, Filipsson HL, de Nooijer LJ, Meysman FJR & Jorissen FJ

(2017) Molybdenum Dynamics in Sediments of a Seasonally Hypoxic Coastal Marine Basin
Slomp CP, Sulu-Gambari F, Roepert A, Jilbert T, Meysman FJR & Hagens M

(2017) Microbial Community Composition and Sulfur-Cycling in a Sediment with Electrogenic Sulfur Oxidation
Geelhoed J, van de Velde S, Hidalgo-Martinez S & Meysman F

(2017) Early Diagenesis of Arsenic in Electro-Active Sediments
van de Velde S, Burdorf LD, Callebaut I, Hidalgo-Martinez S, Gao Y & Meysman FJ

(2017) Cable Bacteria & N Cycling: Direct and Indirect Electrogenic Effects
Kessler A, Cook P, Wawryk M, Glud R, Meysman F, Marzocchi U & Risgaard-Petersen N

(2017) Cable Bacteria Create an FeOOH “Firewall” Against Sulphide Release from Sediments
Burdorf L, Hidalgo-Martinez S, van de Velde S & Meysman F

(2017) When the Seafloor Turns Electric: Impact of Microbial Long-Distance Electron Transport on Coastal Biogeochemical Cycling
Meysman F

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