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All abstracts by Elias Nakouzi in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Mechanistic Understanding of Electron-Beam Induced Akaganeite Nanorod Dissolution
Sassi M, Liu L, Nakouzi E, Kovarik L, Liang X, Zhang X, Rosso K & De Yoreo J

(2020) Heavy Metal Incorporation during Goethite Oriented Attachment
Mergelsberg S, Zhu G, Soltis J, McBriarty M, Nakouzi E, De Yoreo J & Ilton E

(2020) Connecting Energetics to Dynamics in Particle Growth by Oriented Attachment Using Real-Time Observations
Liu L, Nakouzi E, Sushko M, Schenter GK, Mundy CJ, Chun J & De Yoreo J

(2019) Behavior of Water in a Lipid-Clay Film
Kessenich B, Pokhrel N, Nakouzi E, Newcomb C, Flury M, Maibaum L & De Yoreo J

(2018) An in situ Look at Water, Ions and Forces at Mineral Surfaces and in Confinement
De Yoreo J, Kerisit S, Tuladhar A, Zhang X, Sushko M, Zhang S, Li D, Chun J, Wang Z, Nakouzi E & Rosso K

(2018) Correlating Mineral-Water Interface Structure to Particle Interactions and Emergent Phenomena
Chun J, Nakouzi E, Soltis J, Legg B, Schenter G, Zhang X, Graham T, Rosso K, Anovitz L & De Yoreo J

(2017) Geochemical Plausibility of Silica Self-Assembly and its Relation to Life Detection Studies and Prebiotic Chemistry
Garcia Ruiz JM, Kotopoulou E, Nakouzi E, Steinbock O & Van Zuilen M

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