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All abstracts by Daniel R. Neuville in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Coordinance and Role of Aluminum in Silicate Glasses and Melts
Neuville D

(2020) Raman Spectroscopy Study of Glass Alteration
Tarrago M, Le Losq C, Van Hullebusch E & Neuville DR

(2020) Titanium in Silicate Glasses and Melts
Robine T, Le Losq C & Neuville DR

(2020) The Effect of the Na/K Ratio on the Viscosity and Structure of Iron-Bearing Aluminosilicates
Lejeune A-M, Le Losq C & Neuville D

(2017) The Effect of the Iron Redox on Aluminoborate Glasses: From Nano to Macroscopic Scale
El Hayek R, Ferey F & Neuville DR

(2017) Effect of Redox State of Iron on Viscosity of Sodium Silicate Melts
Sukenaga S, Yamada H, Wakihara T, Ohara K, Kamada S, Florian P, Shibata H, Cicconi MR & Neuville D

(2017) Iron Oxidation State and Molecular Structure of Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalt Glasses: A Raman Spectroscopy Study
Le Losq C, Berry AJ, Neuville DR & O'NEILL HSC

(2017) Cerium Redox State in Silicate Glasses and Melts: Implications for Properties Change and Structural Roles
Cicconi MR, de Ligny D, Veber A, Blanc W, Baudelet F & Neuville DR

(2017) Role of Iron on Structure and Properties of Glasses and Melts
Neuville D & Cicconi R

(2017) Rheological Changes in Yasur (Vanuatu) Lavas: Micro- vs Macro-Crystallization and the Rest
Lejeune A-M, Neuville D, d’Augustin de Bourguisson T & Metrich N

(2017) The Effect of Na/K Ratio on the Viscosity of Iron-Silicates: Application to the Yasur (Vanuatu) Volcano
D’AUGUSTIN De Bourguisson T, Lejeune A-M, Métrich N & Neuville D

(2017) The Structure of Alkali Silicate Glasses: A Density and Raman Spectroscopy Study
O'Shaughnessy C, Henderson G, Bancroft M, Nesbitt W & Neuville D

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