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All abstracts by Håkon Austrheim in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Dypingite Series Defined by the Content of Molecular H2O
Lu Y, Sednev-Lugovets A, Carvalho P, Guzik M, Dunkel K, Austrheim H & Friis H

(2023) Diffusion-Induced Stress as a Mechanism for Mineral Replacement with Implications for the Duration of Metamorphic Events
Hess B, Ague J & Austrheim H

(2022) Development and Influence of Fluid Pathways in Rocks
Hernández-Filiberto L, Putnis CV, Putnis A & Austrheim H

(2019) Rutile (Zr, U–Pb) in a Metamorphic Setting: An Example from the Amphibolites of the Bergen Arcs
Moore J, Beinlich A, Porter JK, Talavera C, Berndt J, Piazolo S, Austrheim H & Putnis A

(2018) Quartz Dissolution and M-S-H Cement Precipitation in a High pH Ultramafic System
de Ruiter L, Austrheim H, Gunnæs AE & Dysthe DK

(2017) Formation of Magnesium Silicate Hydrate Cement in the Weathering Zone of Ultramafites
de Ruiter L, Austrheim H & Dysthe DK

(2017) Cataclastic Fragmentation: A Prelude to Retrograde Metamorphism during Continental Collision
Putnis A & Austrheim H

(2016) Mg Isotope Fractionation during Fluid-Ultramafic Rock Interaction
Beinlich A, Mavromatis V, Austrheim H & Oelkers EH

(2016) Fluid-Rock Interaction: Revisiting the Problem of Mineral Replacement and Density Change in Open and Closed Systems
Putnis A, Centrella S & Austrheim H

(2015) Reactions at Mineral-Fluid Interfaces: Specifically Coupled Dissolution and Precipitation
Putnis CV, Ruiz-Agudo E, Hövelmann J, King HE, Austrheim H & Putnis A

(2015) Fracture Formation due to Growth of Hydrous Carbonates
Ulven OI, Beinlich A, Sun W, Austrheim H & Malthe-Sørenssen A

(2015) Stress, Fluids and Metamorphism
Centrella S, Austrheim H & Putnis A

(2015) Zircon Coronas Around Fe-Ti Oxides: A Physical Reference Frame for Metamorphic and Metasomatic Reactions
Austrheim H, Putnis CV, Engvik AK & Putnis A

(2014) Mg Isotope Fractionation during Hydrothermal Ultramafic Rock Alteration – Implications for the Global Mg-Cycle
Beinlich A, Mavromatis V, Austrheim H & Oelkers EH

(2014) Subarctic Weathering and Carbonation of Serpentinized Dunites
Hövelmann J, Austrheim H, Beinlich A, Ulven OI & Jamtveit B

(2014) Fragmentation and Carbonation of Serpentinized Dunites
Ulven OI, Austrheim H, Hövelmann J, Beinlich A & Malthe-Sørenssen A

(2013) An Example of CO2 Sequestration: Direct Nano-Scale Observations of Brucite [Mg(OH)<sub>2</sub>] Dissolution
Putnis CV, Hövelmann J-E, Ruiz-Agudo E & Austrheim H

(2013) Forceful Carbonation of Serpentine
Ulven OI, Austrheim H & Malthe-Sørenssen A

(2013) An EBSD Study of Textural Evolution Across a Shear Zone in the Bergen Arcs, Western Norway
Mukai H, Austrheim H & Putnis A

(2013) Mg Isotope Fractionation during Hydrothermal Carbonation of Serpentine
Mavromatis V, Beinlich A, Austrheim H & Oelkers EH

(2012) From Partly Serpentinized Peridotite to Continental Crust Through Weathering and Recycling Processes
Austrheim H, Putnis A, Putnis C & Grguric B

(2012) Transient Porosity as an Integral Aspect of Microstructural Development during Fluid-Mineral Reaction
Putnis A, Putnis C & Austrheim H

(2011) The Evolution of a Serpentinizing Environment Inferred from Andradite Vein Networks
Plümper O, Beinlich A, Janots E & Austrheim H

(2011) Halogen Concentrations and δ37Cl in Apatite as a Fluid Probe to Decipher Fluid-Rock Interaction
Layne G, John T, Whitehouse M, Austrheim H & Kusebauch C

(2011) The Interplay between Chemical and Textural Evolution Across a Shear Zone
Putnis A, Austrheim H & Putnis C

(2011) The Legacy of Plastic Deformation and Pre-Existing Microstructures during Olivine Serpentinization
Plümper O, Austrheim H, Piazolo S & Jung H

(2011) On Carbonatization Fronts in Serpentinite: Implications for in situ CO2 Storage
Beinlich A, Plümper O, Hövelmann J, Austrheim H & Jamtveit B

(2009) CO2 Sequestration and Extreme Mg Leaching in Serpentinized Peridotite Clasts of the Solund Devonian Basin, SW-Norway
Beinlich A, Austrheim H, Glodny J, Erambert M & Andersen TB

(2009) Guidelines for Experiments on CO2 Sequestration in Peridotites Based on a Natural Example
Hoevelmann J & Austrheim H

(2009) Metasomatic Crystallisation of Sapphirine during Mg-Enrichment of Gabbros
Engvik AK, Austrheim H & Putnis A

(2009) The Role of Crystal-Plastic Deformation in the Serpentinization of Olivine
Plümper O, Austrheim H & Jung H

(2008) Metasomatism of the UHP Svartberget Olivine-Websterite Body in the Western Gneiss Complex, Norway
Vrijmoed H, Austrheim H, John T & Podladtchikov Y

(2008) Mineral Textures as Indicators of Fluid-Driven Mineral Replacement Processes
Putnis CV, Austrheim H & Putnis A

(2007) Compositional Gradient of Cpx Produced by Fluid Assisted Eclogitization
Casarin F, Austrheim H & Putnis A

(2007) Stress Induced Redistribution of Y and HREE in Garnet during High-Grade Polymetamorphism
Erambert M, Rohr T & Austrheim H

(2007) A Mechanism of Fluid Transport Through Minerals
Putnis C, Austrheim H & Putnis A

(2007) Intragranular Replacement of Chlorapatite by Hydroxyapatite during Scapolitisation
Engvik AK, Golla-Schindler U, Austrheim H & Putnis A

(2007) Tracing Metasomatic Reactions Using Inert Zircon Coronas Around Ilmenite
Austrheim H, Putnis CV, Engvik AK & Putnis A

(2007) Interplay of Deformation, Fluid Infiltration and Eclogitization
John T, Austrheim H, Schmid D, Rüpke L & Podladchikov Y

(2002) Rb/Sr Record of Fluid-Rock Interaction in Eclogites, Bergen Arcs, Norway
Glodny J, Kühn A & Austrheim H

(2001) Fracture Controlled Fluid Migration during Metamorphism
Jamtveit B, Malthe-Sørenssen A, Flekkøy E & Austrheim H

(2000) Dating of Subduction-Related Fluid Mineralizations: Constraints on the Life Span of a Paleozoic Subduction System in the Polar Urals, Russia
Glodny J, Austrheim H & Rusin A

(2000) An Analytical TEM Study on Complex Zoning Patterns in Garnets from Bergen Arcs Eclogites
Pollok K, Austrheim H & Putnis A

(2000) Retrogressive Metamorphism: Mechanisms of Fluid Introduction to Impermeable Rocks
Jamtveit B, Malthe Sörenssen A & Austrheim H

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