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All abstracts by D. Graham Pearson in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Mesoproterozoic Diamond Formation in the Root of the Sask Craton: A Link to the MacKenzie Large Igneous Event?
Milne SE, Timmerman S, Read G, Pearson DG, Banas A & Stachel T

(2022) Thermodynamic Models Illustrate How to Generate Extremely Cr-Rich Spinel during Melting of Mantle Peridotites
Wang D, Luth RW & Pearson DG

(2022) Discovery of a Giant Juvenile 3.3–3.1 Ga Terrane in the Rae Craton, Canada
Neil B, Tersmette DB, Chacko T, Heaman LM, Kjarsgaard BA, Martel E, Creaser RA, Pearson DG, Stern RA, Dufrane SA & Luo Y

(2022) Osmium Isotopic Composition of Pre-Late Accretion Mantle from the “World’s Oldest” Peridotites
Waterton P, Hansen Serre S, Morishita T, Woodland S, Dufrane SA, Pearson DG & Szilas K

(2022) Plume-Driven Recratonization of Deep Continental Lithospheric Mantle – 2022 Shen-Su Sun Award
Liu J, Pearson DG, Wang LH, Mather K, Kjarsgaard B, Schaeffer A, Irvine G, Kopylova MG & Armstrong J

(2022) Using Triple Oxygen Isotopes to Distinguish Mantle Metasomatism in Eclogite Xenoliths
Peshek C, Sharp Z, McGunnigle J, Cano E, Aulbach S, Viljoen F, Pearson DG & Hardman MF

(2022) Paleozoic Subduction into the Deeper Mantle Recorded by Superdeep Diamonds
Timmerman S, Pearson DG, Koornneef JM, Harlou R, Nowell GM, Thomson AR, Kohn SC, Davies JHFL, Davies GR, Krebs MY, Zhang Q, Milne SE, Stachel T, Harris JW, Kaminsky F, Bulanova G, Smith CB, Burnham A & Walter MJ

(2022) Volcanic Gases and Diamonds: Tracking Carbon Subduction
Fischer TP & Pearson DG

(2022) Unsupervised and Supervised Machine Learning Methods to Identify Geographical Origin Using LA-ICP-MS Analysis of Emeralds
Alonso-Perez R, Day JMD, Pearson DG, Luo Y, Palacios M, Raju Satyanarayan S & Palke A

(2022) Exploring Earth’s Deep Water Cycle Using Sublithospheric Diamonds
Gardner L, Jacobsen SD, Rivers M, Zhang D, Shirey SB & Pearson DG

(2021) Ultra-Depleted Residual Mantle Peridotites in Ophiolites from Papua New Guinea: Earth’s most Depleted Melting Residues
Barrett N, Jaques AL, Pearson DG, González-Álvarez I & Walter MJ

(2021) Tungsten-182 and Neodymium-142 Evidence for an Ancient Kimberlite Source
Nakanishi N, Carlson RW, Horan MF, Giuliani A, Woodhead J, Pearson DG & Walker RJ

(2021) Sublithospheric Diamonds and Deep Earthquakes Demonstrate an Arc-Avoiding Subduction Pathway for C-O-H-N-S Volatiles
Shirey SB, Wagner LS, Walter MJ, Pearson DG & van Keken PE

(2021) The Search for Preserved Late-Stage Accretionary Components in Terrestrial Materials
Bermingham KR, Walker RJ, Finlayson VA, Tornabene HA, Peters B, Day JMD, Rudnick RL, Nakanishi N, Jackson MG, Pearson DG & Schilling ME

(2021) Cumulate Origin for Isua Dunites Rules out Formation as an Eoarchaean Ophiolite
Waterton P, Guotana JM, Nishio I, Morishita T, Tani K, Woodland S, Legros H, Pearson DG & Szilas K

(2021) Effect of Metamorphic Overprint on Early Earth Isotopic Compositions: The Case Study of Saglek Block (Labrador, Canada)
Vezinet A, Thomassot E & Pearson DG

(2021) Sulphide Inclusions and the Age of Diamond Formation: Does Protogeneity Matter?
Pamato MG, Novella D, Jacob D, Oliveira B, Pearson DG, Greene S, Afonso JC, Favero M, Stachel T, Alvaro M & Nestola F

(2021) Hf Isotopic Evidence for the Gradual Onset of Earth’s Mobile-Lid Tectonic Regime
Bauer A, Reimink JR, Chacko T, Foley B, Shirey SB & Pearson DG

(2021) Genesis and Depth of Formation of Ferropericlase Inclusions within Super-Deep Diamonds
Lorenzon S, Nestola F, Pamato MG, Novella D, Nimis P, Marone F, Anzolini C, Mazzucchelli ML, Alvaro M, Regier M, Stachel T, Pearson DG & Harris J

(2021) No Record of Horizontal Tectonics in the North Atlantic Craton Until after ~2900 Ma
McIntyre T, Szilas K & Pearson DG

(2021) Precious Metal Systematics during Mantle Metasomatism and its Implications for Crustal Ore Forming Processes
Hinde JC, Pearson DG & Legros H

(2020) Trace Elements of Rare CH4-bearing Fluids in Zimbabwe Diamonds
Smit KV, Pearson DG, Krebs MY & Woodland S

(2020) Eoarchean high-P/T Metamorphism from Isua Ultramafic Rocks: Implications for Elemental Mobilization
Guotana JM, Morishita T, Nishio I, Tamura A, Mizukami T, Tani K, Harigane Y, Szilas K & Pearson DG

(2020) In situ Mineralogical Characterization of Sulphide Inclusions in Diamonds
Pamato MG, Nestola F, Novella D, Pearson DG & Stachel T

(2019) In situ Split Stream Sm-Nd Dating and Trace Element Analysis of Scheelite via LA-ICPMS
Palmer M, Scott J, Pearson G, Luo Y, Turnbull R & Reid M

(2019) Gold, Noble & Crucial Metals of the Mantle; A Zealandia Peridotite Study
Junior S, Scott J, Luo Y, Pearson G & Paterson D

(2019) The Application of Sr – Pb Isotopes to Dating and Tracing Ruby Formation: The Aappaluttoq Deposit, SW Greenland
Krebs MY, Pearson DG, Bussweiler Y, Fagan AJ & Sarkar C

(2019) Preservation of Archean Cratonic Mantle Below Grib Kimberlite (NW Russia) Through Proterozoic Rifting and Collision
Smit KV, Pearson DG, Shchukina EV & Woodland S

(2019) Helium Isotope Signatures of the Mantle Transition Zone
Timmerman S, Honda M, Burnham A, Amelin Y, Woodland S, Pearson G, Jaques L, Le Losq C, Bennett V, Bulanova G, Smith C, Harris J & Tohver E

(2019) Hadean Peridotites in Greenland?
Szilas K, Morishita T & Pearson G

(2019) Isotopic Evidence for the Coupled Recycling of Carbon and Boron to Lower Mantle Depths
Regier ME, Chalk TB, Stern RA, Smit K, Smith EM, Stachel T, Foster GL, Bussweiler Y, Harris JW & Pearson DG

(2019) A Diamondiferous Palaeoproterozoic Mantle Root beneath the Sask Craton (Western Canada)
Czas J, Pearson DG, Stachel T, Kjarsgaard BA & Read G

(2019) Destruction and Regeneration of Cratonic Lithosphere Roots: Evidence from the Slave Craton (Canada)
Liu J, Pearson DG, Mather K, Kjarsgaard B & Kopylova M

(2019) Metasomatism and Oxidation State of the Mantle Root beneath the Rae Craton, Canada
Gräf C, Sandner T, Woodland A, Höfer H, Seitz H-M, Pearson G & Kjarsgaard B

(2019) Extinct Radionuclide Signatures from Juvenile Crustal Blocks within the Slave Craton
Reimink J, Pearson DG, Shirey SB, Carlson RW, Mundl-Petermeier A & Walker RJ

(2019) Subducted Serpentinite Water, Superdeep Diamonds, and Deep Focus Earthquakes
Shirey S, Wagner L, Walter M, Pearson G & van Keken P

(2019) Diamonds Isotope Compositions Indicate Altered Igneous Oceanic Crust Dominates Deep Carbon Recycling
Li K, Li L, Pearson G & Stachel T

(2018) Oxygen Isotopes in Kankan Super-Deep Diamond Inclusions Reveal Variable Slab-Mantle Interaction
Regier ME, Pearson DG, Stachel T, Stern RA & Harris JW

(2018) The Diverse Origins of Cratonic Nuclei-A Perspective from the Slave Craton
Reimink J, Shirey S, Carlson R & Pearson DG

(2018) Generation of Early Continental Crust: A Billion Year of TTG Evolution from the Eoarchean Saglek Block, Canada
Vezinet A, Pearson DG, Thomassot E, Stern RA, Luo Y & Sarkar C

(2017) Sulfur Isotope Signature (δ33S, δ34S and δ36S) of Sea-Water Altered Archean Oceanic Crust in Siberian Eclogite
Thomassot E, Pearson DG, Kitayama Y & Deloule E

(2017) Archaean Crust-Mantle Links: Os Isotopes in Witwatersrand PGM
Dale C, Nowell G, Pearson DG, Oberthür T & Malitch K

(2017) Crustal Evolution of the Archean Slave Craton, NWT, Canada
Reimink J, Carlson R, Shirey S & Pearson DG

(2017) Controls on Komatiite PGE Abundances: Evidence from the ~1.9 Ga Winnipegosis Komatiite
Waterton P, Pearson DG & Mungall JE

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