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All abstracts by Cécile Gautheron in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Cenozoic Weathering Record within Suriname Laterites
Ansart C, Calmels D, Gautheron C, Monvoisin G, Coueffe R, Roig J-Y & Quantin C

(2017) Dating Fe-Duricrusts of Central Amazonia (Brazil) by (U-Th)/He and Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Methods
Allard T, Gautheron C, Balan E, Bressan Riffel S, Morin G, do Nascimento N, Pinna-Jamme R, Selo M, Soares FernandesSoares Fernandes B & Taitson Bueno G

(2017) He and Ne Diffusion Modeling in Minerals: Insight from Atomic to Mineralogical Scale
Gautheron C, Roques J & Tassan-Got L

(2017) Strategies for Joint Inversion of Apatite Fission Track and (U-Th) Data: Application of Fragment and Radiation Damage Models
Wildman M, Gallagher K & Gautheron C

(2017) Helium Trapping in Apatite Damage: Insights from Overly Dispersed (U-Th-Sm)/He Dates
Recanati A, Gautheron C, Barbarnd J, Missenard Y, Gallagher K & Pinna R

(2017) Possible Influence of Alpha Recoil Track Percolation on Helium Diffusivity in Apatite
Ketcham R, Gautheron C, Recanti A & Rahn M

(2017) Chronology of Weathering Periods by Supergene Goethite (U-Th)/He Dating in the Oriental High Atlas, Morocco
Verhaert M, Gautheron C, Bernard A, Dekoninck A, Missenard Y & Yans J

(2013) He Diffusion on Apatite Viewed by Microbeam ERDA and RBS Experiments
Gerin C, Oliviero E, Bachelet C, Tassan-Got L & Gautheron C

(2013) Chemical Influence on Recoil Damage Annealing and Impact on (U-Th)/He Age in Apatite
Gautheron C, Pinna R, Ketcham R, Tassan-Got L, Carter A & Pagel M

(2011) He and Ne Isotopic Ratios from the Terceira Rift (Azores): Constraints on the Boundary between Eurasia and Nubia Mantle Sources
Madureira P, Moreira M, Nunes J, Lourenço N, Gautheron C, Carvalho R, Mata J & Pinto de Abreu M

(2008) Helium and Trace Element Geochemical Signals in the Southwest Indian Ocean
Gautheron C, Bézos A, Moreira M & Humler E

(2006) Subcontinetal lithospheric mantle origin of the Cenozoic kamafugite in western Qinling, China: Evidence from helium isotopes in mantle-derived xenoliths
Zhao Z, Gautheron CG, Farley K, Zhang H, Yu X & Mo X

(2006) (U-Th)/Ne chronometry
Gautheron C, Tassan-Got L & Farley K

(2002) Rare Gas Systematics on North Atlantic Basalts (33 to 45°N)
Gautheron CE & Moreira M

(2000) He-Ne Systematics in MORB, Loihi, Iceland and Pitcairn: Constraints on He Loss in OIB
Moreira M, Gautheron C & Allègre C

(2000) Helium Residence Time in the Subcontinental Mantle
Gautheron C & Moreira M

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