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All abstracts by Virgil Pasquier in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Hydrothermal Processes Recorded by Pyritic-Organic-Rich Laminae in the 3.4-Ga Buck Reef Chert
Alleon J, Pasquier V & Marin-Carbonne J

(2023) Micropyrite: A Promising biosignature?Insights from Modern and Ancient Sediments
Marin-Carbonne J, Decraene M-N, Dupeyron J, Alleon J, Pasquier V, Remusat L, Thomazo C, Olivier N, Benzerara K & Bernard S

(2023) The Precambrian S-Cycle Viewed Through the Lense of Microscale Isotopic Observations
Pasquier V, Marin-Carbonne J & Halevy I

(2021) How Local Depositional Conditions Control Marine Sedimentary Pyrite Sulfur Isotopes: A Framework Integrating Bulk and Micro-Scale SIMS Analyses
Fike DA, Houghton J, Jones C, Bryant RN, Scarponi D, Pasquier V, Halevy I & Aller R

(2021) Sub-Micrometer Pyrites in Microbialites Record Equilibrium S Isotope Fractionation by Microbial Sulfate Reduction Independently of the Sulfate Concentration of the Water
Marin-Carbonne J, Decraene M-N, Remusat L, Havas R, Thomazo C, Pasquier V, Alleon J, Zeyen N, Bernard S, Escrig S, Vennin E, Meibom A & Benzerara K

(2021) Unravelling Early Diagenesis: New Insight from Microscale Minor Sulfur Isotopes
Pasquier V, Decraene M-N, Marin-Carbonne J, Thomazo C, Fike DA & Halevy I

(2021) Multiple Local Controls on Pyrite Sulfur Isotopes and Implications for Reading the Sedimentary Pyrite Record
Halevy I, Pasquier V, Bryant RN & Fike DA

(2019) Controls on Sulfur Isotope Ratios in Modern Marine and Geologic Pyrite
Halevy I, Fike D, Pasquier V & Bryant R

(2019) Sulfur Isotopes Track the Amplitude and Dynamics of Global Sea-Level Fluctuation Since the Mid-Cenozoic
Pasquier V, Bryant RN, Fike DA & Halevy I

(2018) Depositional Conditions Control Marine Sedimentary Pyrite Isotopes
Bryant R, Jones C, Pasquier V, Halevy I & Fike D

(2018) Multiple S Isotope Ratios of Glacial vs. Interglacial Pyrite: Insight into the Controls on Diagenetic Signals in Marine Sediments
Pasquier V, SansJofre P, Cartigny P, Fike D & Halevy I

(2017) Pyrite Sulfur Isotopes Reveal Glacial-Interglacial Environmental Changes
Pasquier V, SansJofre P, Rabineau M, Revillon S, Houghton J & Fike DA

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