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All abstracts by Horst Geckeis in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Anaerobic Corrosion of Carbon Steel in Compacted Bentonite Exposed to Natural Opalinus Clay Porewater: Bentonite Alteration Study
Morelová N, Schild D, Heberling F, Finck N, Dardenne K, Metz V & Geckeis H

(2021) Long Term Bentonite Erosion Experiments in an Artificial Fracture: Radionuclides Mobility and Diffusion in FEBEX Bentonite
Kouhail YZ, Rinderknecht F, Quinto F, Metz V, Schäfer T & Geckeis H

(2021) Background Analysis of Actinide and 99Tc Tracers in the Frame of an in situ Bentonite Diffusion Experiment at the Grimsel Test Site
Quinto F, Blechschmidt I, Faestermann T, Hain K, Koll D, Korschinek G, Kraft S, Pitters J, Plaschke M, Rugel G, Schäfer T, Steier P & Geckeis H

(2020) Interaction of Iodide with Green Rust and Magnetite
Platte T, Finck N, Polly R, Mangold S & Geckeis H

(2020) Impact of Carbonate on the Sorption of Eu(III) and Cm(III) on Clay Minerals: A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Study
Skerencak-Frech A, Rieder F, Trumm M, Rabung T & Geckeis H

(2019) VESPA II Project: Behavior of Long-Lived Fission and Activation Products in the Near-Field of a Repository for Nuclear Waste and Possibilities of their Retention
Altmaier M, Bischofer B, Bosbach D, Brendler V, Daniels N, Geckeis H, Hagemann S & Müller K

(2019) Impact of α–D–gluconic Acid on the Solubility and Speciation of An(III)/Ln(III) in Dilute to Concentrated NaCl/MgCl2 Solutions
Tasi A, Gaona X, Rabung T, Kutus B, Sipos P, Altmaier M & Geckeis H

(2019) Sorption Behaviour of di- and Trivalent Radionuclides on Oxidesurfaces at High Salt Concentrations
García D, Lützenkirchen J, Petrov V, Siebentritt M, Huguenel M, Camels L, Schild D, Lefèvre G, Rabung T, Altmaier M, Kalmykov S, Duro L & Geckeis H

(2019) Speciation of Thorium in Soils from Sri Lanka
Ratnayake S, Lützenkirchen J, Schild D, Finck N & Geckeis H

(2018) Sorption of Eu(III) and Am(III) on Magnetite in NaCl Brine
Vozarova N, Finck N, Schild D, Dardenne K, Montoya V & Geckeis H

(2017) Technetium Interaction with Fe(II)-minerals Analysed by Spectroscopy and Thermodynamics
Yalcintas E, Scheinost AC, Gaona X, Altmaier M & Geckeis H

(2014) Tc(VII) Immobilization on Granitic Rocks from Äspö HRL (Sweden) and Nizhnekansky Massif (Russia)
Totskiy Y, Huber F, Schild D, Schäfer T, Kalmykov S & Geckeis H

(2014) Mineral-Water Interface Reactions of Actinides – All Mechanisms Understood?
Geckeis H

(2014) Influence of Reaction Parameters on the Nucleation and Growth of SrSO4/SrCO3 Determining the Fate of An(III)/Ln(III)
Temgoua LG, Chagneau A, Schaefer T & Geckeis H

(2013) Impact of Increasing MoO3 Loading on Incorporation Properties of Multi-Component Borosilicate Glass
Kutzer A, Vitova T, Kvashnina K, Prüßmann T, Rothe J, Soballa E, Adam C, Kaden P, Denecke MA, Weisenburger S, Roth G & Geckeis H

(2013) Effect of Solution Supersaturation and Presence/Absence of Seeding Crystals on the Precipitation Kinetics of Celestite and Strontianite
Temgoua LG, Chagneau A, Geckeis H & Schaefer T

(2013) Montmorillonite Colloid Size Heterogeneity – Fractionation and Characterization
Norrfors K, Bouby M, Heck S, Finck N, Marsac R, Schäfer T, Geckeis H & Wold S

(2013) Competitive Effect of Al(III) on Eu(III) Sorption to Illite
Marsac R, Schnurr A, Kupcik T, Rabung T, Schäfer T, Banik NL, Marquardt C, Marques-Fernandez M, Baeyens B, Bradbury M & Geckeis H

(2012) Sorption and Incorporation of Radio-Nuclides at Mineral Surfaces Studied with Quantum Chemical Methods
Polly R, Schimmelpfennig B, Florsheimer M, Heberling F, Stumpf T, Klenze R & Geckeis H

(2012) Ion Specific Effects at the Calcite(104) – Water Interface
Heberling F, Eng P, Lutzenkirchen J, Stubbs J, Schafer T & Geckeis H

(2010) Theoretical Investigation of the Solvated Corundum Surface
Polly R, Schimmelpfennig B, Flörsheimer M, Klenze R & Geckeis H

(2009) Interaction of Carboxylated Latex Colloids with Mineral Surfaces Studied by AFM Force Spectroscopy
Filby A, Plaschke M, Geckeis H & Bosbach D

(2009) Structural Incorporation of Eu(III) into Calcite, Aragonite and Vaterite: A Comparitive TRLFS Study
Stumpf T, Schmidt M, Walther C, Geckeis H & Fanghänel T

(2009) Site-Selective Time Resolved Laser Fluorescence Spectroscopy on Ca2+-Bearing Mineral Phases Doped with Cm3+
Schmidt M, Stumpf T, Walther C, Geckeis H & Fanghänel T

(2008) Spectroscopic Characterization and Quantification of M(III)/Clay Mineral Outer-Sphere Complexes
Stumpf T, Hartmann E, Baeyens B, Bradbury M & Geckeis H

(2007) Actinide Geochemistry: From the Molecular Level to the Real System
Geckeis H

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