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All abstracts by Michael Rowe in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) From Source to Surface: Magmatic Timescales and Processes Leading to Eruptions from Red Crater (Tongariro, New Zealand)
Gruender K, Barker S, Rowe M, Conway C & Gazel E

(2022) Lithium and Copper Partitioning and Mobility Recorded by Plagioclase at Augustine Volcano, AK, USA
Iveson AA, Rowe M, Neukampf J, Ellis BS, Webster J, Humphreys MCS, Mangler MF & Neill OK

(2022) Understanding Sources and Modification of Primary Magmatic Volatiles in the Taupo Volcanic Zone: Evidence from Helium and Oxygen Isotopes
Farsky D, Rowe M, Chambefort I, Barker S, Rooyakkers S, Faure K & Graham DW

(2022) Compositional Controls on Physical Properties of Digitate Sinter in Hot Springs: Implications for Remote Sampling on Mars
Rowe M, Nersezova E, Campbell KA, Loho T, Matthews S, Adam L & Mascarenhas S

(2022) Regional to Micron-Scale Controls on Preservation of Biosignatures in Phanerozoic Hot Spring Microbial Sinter
Campbell KA, Guido D, Hamilton A, Rowe M, Lyon B, Teece B, Foucher F, Westall F, Ruff S & Van Kranendonk MJ

(2020) Reassessing Volatile and Trace Element Mobility at Mount St. Helens (2004-2008) from Amphibole and Melt Inclusion Geochemistry
Hampel T, Rowe M & Kent A

(2020) Mantle H2O and ╬┤D Associated with Melt Reactions in a Supra-subduction Ophiolite
Rowe M, Johnson A, Hammond J, Wang S, Hervig R & Warren J

(2020) Investigating Nb & Ta Anomalies at Turrialba Volcano, Costa Rica
Spitz B, Reagan M, Peate D, Duarte E & Rowe M

(2020) Geochemical Insights into Shallow Magmatic Processes and Transitioning Eruption Styles, Ambae, Vanuatu
Collins N, Rowe M, Kilgour G & Nichols A

(2018) Se7en: A He Isotope Story of the Auckland Volcanic Field
Rowe M & Graham D

(2017) The Oxidation State of Iron in Basaltic Glasses
Berry A, O'Neill H, Rowe M, Mosselmans F & Rivard C

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