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All abstracts by Riccardo Avanzinelli in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Geochemical Tracers and Pb Isotopes in Environmental Matrices: Natural and Anthropogenic Contributions of Heavy Metals in the Valdinievole Sub-Basin River System (Tuscany, Italy)
Maccelli C, Natali C, Nisi B, Casalini M, Vaselli O, Venturi S & Avanzinelli R

(2021) Carbonatite Metasomatism of the Lithospheric Mantle as a Source for the High CO2 Degassing at Etna Volcano
Bragagni A, Mastroianni F, Avanzinelli R, Conticelli S & Münker C

(2020) High Precision 182W Systematics in European Intraplate Volcanic Rocks
Jansen M, Tusch J, Münker C, Bragagni A & Avanzinelli R

(2019) Heavy Oxygen Recycled into Lithospheric Mantle
Dallai L, Bianchini G, Avanzinelli R, Natali C & Conticelli S

(2019) Extreme HFSE Fractionation in Italian Magmas: Metasomatism vs. Different Mantle Domains
Bragagni A, Mastroianni F, Avanzinelli R, Conticelli S & Münker C

(2019) The Role of New Magma Recharges and Crystal-Mush Interaction in the Campanian Ignimbrite Activity
Di Salvo S, Avanzinelli R, Isaia R, Druitt TH & Francalanci L

(2019) Subduction-Related Hybridization of the Lithospheric Mantle in Mantle Xenoliths from Tallante (Spain)
Avanzinelli R, Bianchini G, Tiepolo M, Jasim A, Natali C, Braschi E, Beccaluva L, Dallai L & Conticelli S

(2019) Genesis and Differentiation of a Calc-Alkaline Volcano in Syn-Collisional Continental Setting: The Mount Ararat (Ağrı Dağı, Eastern Anatolia)
Casalini M, Avanzinelli R, Tommasini S, Garzonio CA, Cioni R & Conticelli S

(2019) Evidence for the Steady-State Change in the Plumbing System Dynamics of the 2007-2018 CE Activity of Stromboli Volcano
Francalanci L, Paternostro S, Casalini M, Braschi E & Avanzinelli R

(2017) The U-Series Evolution of Stromboli Volcano in the Last Century
Bragagni A, Avanzinelli R, Francalanci L & Elliott T

(2017) Tracing Subduction Components with Molybdenum Isotopes: The Case of Roman Magmatic Province Magmas
Casalini M, Avanzinelli R, Elliott T & Conticelli S

(2016) Low-Ni Olivines in Silica-Undersaturated Ultrapotassic Igneous Rocks as Evidence for Carbonate Metasomatism in the Mantle
Ammannati E, Jacob DE, Avanzinelli R, Foley SF & Conticelli S

(2015) Non-Traditional Isotope Tracers (238U/235U and 98Mo/95Mo) of Subduction Processes in the Central-Mediterranean Magmatism
Casalini M, Avanzinelli R, Elliott T, Tommasini S & Conticelli S

(2015) Low-Ni Olivine from Silica-Undersaturated Ultrapotassic Rocks as Evidence for Carbonate Metasomatism in the Mantle
Ammannati E, Jacob DE, Avanzinelli R, Foley SF & Conticelli S

(2015) Constraining Slab Recycling Under Vesusius Volcano from Combined U-Series and Non-Traditional Stable Isotope (Mo, 238U/235U) Data
Avanzinelli R, Casalini M, Elliott T & Conticelli S

(2015) Residence Time Analysis of the Active Volcanic Systems of Ischia, Italy
Tommasini S, Casalini M & Avanzinelli R

(2013) The Role of Carbon Dioxide from Recycled Sediments in the Genesis of Ultrapotassic Magmas from Lithospheric Mantle
Conticelli S, Avanzinelli R & Ammannati E

(2013) Trace Elements in Olivine Characterize the Mantle Source of Subduction-Related Potassic Magmas
Ammannati E, Foley S, Avanzinelli R, Jacob D & Conticelli S

(2013) Linking Mantle Melting and Eruption Rates at Stromboli Volcano: A U-Series Perspective
Avanzinelli R, Bragagni A, Francalanci L, Freymuth H & Elliott T

(2013) Residence Time Analysis of Active Volcanic Systems: Rb-Sr Isotope Study of Ischia and Pantelleria
Casalini M, Avanzinelli R & Tommasini S

(2011) Trace Metal and Mo Isotope Systematics in Petroleum Fluids
Archer C, Elliott T, Van den Boorn S, Avanzinalli R & Van Bergen P

(2010) Effects of Seawater Alteration on the 234U/238U-Ratios of Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalts
Vils F, Elliott T, Avanzinelli R, Smith-Duque CE, Alt JC & Teagle D

(2009) Slab Components in the Mariana Arc: Light, Heavy and Novel
Elliott T, Avanzinelli R, Prytulak J, Willbold M & Bouman C

(2009) Trace Element and Pb and Sr Isotope Systematics in Petroleum Systems
Avanzinelli R, Hawkesworth C, van der Boorn S, van Bergen P & Hammond S

(2008) Mantle Melting beneath Island Arcs: U-Series Constraints from Marianas
Avanzinelli R, Elliott T & Prytulak J

(2007) Metasomatism and Melting in Subduction-Related Volcanics: U-Th-Pa Constraints from Vesuvius
Avanzinelli R, Prytulak J, Elliott T, Mattei M & Conticelli S

(2006) Timescale of Magmatic Processes by In-Situ Sr-isotope Data in the Present-Day Activity of Stromboli, Italy
Francalanci L, Nardini I, Tiepolo M, Chertkoff DG, Morgan DJ, Avanzinelli R & Davidson JP

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