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All abstracts by Iris Schmiedinger in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Submarine Groundwater Discharge Impacts the Biogeochemistry of Coastal Systems, Southern Baltic Sea
Ehlert von Ahn CM, Szymczycha B, Escher P, Schmiedinger I, Struck U, Rooze J, Vogler S & Böttcher ME

(2021) Isotope Hydrobiochemical Characterization of Solutions in Permeable Coastal Sediments Affected by Submarine Groundwater Discharge, Southern Baltic Sea
Ehlert von Ahn CM, Escher P, Szymczycha B, Schmiedinger I, Struck U, Liu B, Vogler S & Böttcher ME

(2021) Biogeochemical Controls of Carbon Transformation in a Drained Coastal Peatland of the Southern Baltic Sea: An Isotope and Trace Element Perspective
Jenner A-K, Schmiedinger I, Kallmeyer J, Gutekunst CN, Jurasinski G & Böttcher ME

(2020) Microbial Activity, Mineral Authigenesis and Fluid Mixing in Deep Interstitial Fluids off South-Western Australia (IODP Leg 369): A Multi-Isotope Approach
Böttcher ME, Brumsack H-J, Schmiedinger I & Quan TM

(2020) Multi-Isotope (H, C, O, S) Hydrobiogeochemistry of Groundwaters Impacted by Pyrite Oxidation and Carbonate Dissolution in a Temperate Porous Aquifer
Malik C, Jenner A-K, Schmiedinger I & Böttcher ME

(2020) Dynamics in the Isotope Hydrobiogeochemistry in a Temperate Rewetted Coastal Peatland and Associated Surface Waters
Jenner A-K, Westphal J, von Ahn CME, Rach B, Winski L, Malik C, Schmiedinger I & Böttcher ME

(2020) Submarine Groundwater Discharge into Wismar Bay, Southern Baltic Sea: A Multi-Tracer Approach
Ehlert von Ahn CM, Scholten J, Schmiedinger I & Böttcher M

(2019) Dynamics in the Biogeochemistry of a SGD-Impacted Coastal Aquifer and the Impact of Storm Events
Jenner A-K, Westphal J, Liu B, Rach B, von Ahn CME, Schmiedinger I & Böttcher ME

(2017) Ground Water Discharge into the Southern Baltic Sea
Lipka M, Schneider J, Schmiedinger I, Westphal J, Escher P, Sültenfüß J, Dellwig O, Winde V & Böttcher ME

(2017) Processes Controlling DI13C in the Water Column and Surface Sediments of Marginal Seas
Lipka M, Schmiedinger I, Liu B, Winde V & Böttcher ME

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