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All abstracts by Olivier Sulpis in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Impacts of Enhanced Olivine Weathering in Nearshore Marine Environments
Romaniello SJ, Sulpis O, Cole DB, Syverson DD, Monserrat F, Moreau C, Walworth NG & Andrews MG

(2022) Respiration Signals from the Dark Ocean
Sulpis O, Trossman DS, Holzer M, Jeansson E, Lauvset SK & Middelburg J

(2021) The Influence of a Diffusive Boundary Layer on Early Organic Matter and Calcium Carbonate Diagenesis
Sulpis O, Martinez Wilhelmus M, Humphreys MP, Carroll D, Berelson W, Menemenlis D, Middelburg J & Adkins J

(2021) Progress Toward Small-Scale Field Trials of Coastal Enhanced Weathering of Olivine
Moreau C, Montserrat F, Green T, Matzner E, Syverson D, Sulpis O, Hayden M, Lopez P & Romaniello SJ

(2019) Carbonate Compensation in the Anthropocene
Sulpis O, Mucci A & Boudreau B

(2018) Bottom-Water Acidification and CaCO3 Dissolution at the Seafloor Caused by Anthropogenic CO2
Sulpis O, Boudreau B, Mucci A, Dufour C, Jenkins C, Trossman D, Arbic B & Key R

(2017) Transport-Controlled, Linear Calcite Dissolution Kinetics at the Sediment-Seawater Interface
Sulpis O, Mucci A & Boudreau B

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