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All abstracts by Stephanie Slowinski in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Soil Biogeochemistry Under Variable Moisture Content and the Role of Anaerobic Processes
Van Cappellen P, Fairbairn L, Ramezanzadeh M, Ye J, Gharasoo M, Parsons CT, Macrae M, Slowinski S & Rezanezhad F

(2023) Contribution of Riparian Vegetation to the Carbon Budget of an Urban Stormwater Pond
Sabur MA, Kaykhosravi S, Slowinski S & Van Cappellen P

(2023) Salinization Increases Phosphorus Internal Loading in Freshwater Urban Lakes
Radosavljevic J, Slowinski S, Rezanezhad F & Van Cappellen P

(2023) Sediment Core Reconstruction of Changes in Phosphorus Loading and Cycling Accompanying a Watershed’s Transition from Agricultural to Urban Land Use
Slowinski S, Radosavljevic J, Ippolito I, Graham A, Thomas K, Wiklund J, Shafii M, Parsons CT, Rezanezhad F, Hall RI & Van Cappellen P

(2023) Winter Soil Processes in Cold Region Agroecosystems: Impacts on Nitrogen Cycling
Rezanezhad F, Green D, Krogstad KJ, Jensen GB, Gharasoo M, Jordan S, Slowinski S, Hug LA, Wagner-Riddle C, Henry H, Rudolph D & Van Cappellen P

(2022) CO2 Flux Measurements in Northern Peatland Soil Incubations: Q10 Climate Trends and Alternative Model Representations Under Freeze-Thaw Conditions
Byun E, Rezanezhad F, Fairbairn L, Slowinski S, Basiliko N, Price JS, Quinton WL, Roy-Léveillée P, Webster K & Van Cappellen P

(2022) Influence of Freeze-Thaw Cycles on Methanogenic Hydrocarbon Degradation: Experiment and Numerical Simulation
Ramezanzadeh M, Slowinski S, Rezanezhad F, Murr K, Lam C, Smeaton C, Alibert C, Vandergriendt M & Van Cappellen P

(2022) Global Trends in Timing and Rates of Chlorophyll-A Increase in Cold-Temperate and Temperate Lakes
Adams H, Ye J, Persaud B, Slowinski S, Kheyrollah Pour H & Van Cappellen P

(2022) Salinization Enhances Eutrophication in a Cold Temperate Urban Lake
Radosavljevic J, Slowinski S, Shafii M, Rezanezhad F, Akbarzadeh Z, Withers W & Van Cappellen P

(2021) Possible Coupling of Anaerobic Methane Oxidation (AOM) and Anammox in Cold Wetland Soils
Townsend HR, Rezanezhad F, Slowinski S, Smeaton C, Macrae M, Parsons C, Webster K & Van Cappellen P

(2021) Sediment Core Phosphorus and Other Human-Influenced Element Distributions Record Historical Land Use and Runoff Changes in the Watershed of an Urban Lake
Slowinski S, Radosavljevic J, Graham A, Rezanezhad F, Shafii M, Parsons C, Thomas K, Wiklund J, Hall R & Van Cappellen P

(2019) Microbial Uncoupling and Energy Storage: A Modeling Study of Nitrite Toxicity-Induced Stress Response
Mellage A, Smeaton C, Slowinski S & Van Cappellen P

(2018) Does Carbon or Energy Limit Chemosynthetic Mixotrophic Microbial Growth?
Slowinski S, Smeaton C & Van Cappellen P

(2017) Global Modification of Riverine Nitrogen Fluxes by Damming
Akbarzadeh Z, Maavara T, Slowinski S & Van Cappellen P

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