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All abstracts by Hidenori Genda in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Groundwater Upwelling and Silica Deposition within Gale in (Semi-)arid Climate on Early Mars
Noda N, Sekine Y, Tan S, Shibuya T & Genda H

(2019) Evolution of H2-H2O Atmospheres and Magma Oceans
Hamano K & Genda H

(2018) Impact Degassing and Atmospheric Erosion during the Late Accretion onto Venus, Earth, and Mars
Sakuraba H, Kurokawa H & Genda H

(2017) Hydrogen Isotopic Composition of Archean Sea Water and Isotopic Evolution
Murai T, Ueno Y, Foriel J & Genda H

(2017) On the Origin of Phobos and Deimos in an Impact-Generated Disk
Hyodo R, Genda H, Charnoz S & Rosenblatt P

(2017) Origin of Earth’s Oceans: An Assessment of the Total Amount, History and Supply of Water
Genda H

(2016) Mantle Iron Content and H-Rich Cores: Regulation by Hydrogen in the Proto-Atmosphere
Hernlund J, Mukhopadhyay S, Genda H, Hirose K & Brasser R

(2016) The Formation of Elongated Dark Areas on Pluto by a Charon-Forming Giant Impact
Genda H, Sekine Y & Funatsu T

(2015) Splashed Hadean Seawater Hypothesis
Genda H, Ueno Y, Foriel J, Usui T, Ueta S, Bao H & Sun T

(2014) Giant Impacts and Terrestrial Planet Formation
Genda H

(2014) Formation and Early Evolution of Atmosphere and Ocean
Genda H, Hamano K & Abe Y

(2007) Imperfect Accretion during the Giant Impact Stage of Terrestrial Planet Formation
Genda H, Kokubo E & Ida S

(2007) On the Nebular Origin of Water in the Earth
Ikoma M & Genda H

(2007) Effects of Hydrogen on Limits of Radiative Emission from a Planet with a Saturated-Water-Vapor Atmosphere
Nakajima M, Ikoma M, Genda H & Ida S

(2002) Effects of Giant Impacts on Atmosphere Formation
Genda H & Abe Y

(2002) A Mixed Proto-Atmosphere during the Runaway Accretion
Abe Y, Genda H & Nishikawa K

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