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All abstracts by Bastian Georg in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Silicon Isotope Doping Method for Measuring Silicate Reaction Rates in the Critical Zone
Zhang Y, Zhu C, Hu B, Wang J, Rimstidt D, Yuan H & Georg B

(2018) Geochemical Inferences from Bimodal Afar Volcanism
Basu A, Ghosh N, Ghatak A, Gregory R, Richards I, Georg B, Ebinger C, Quade J, Zou H & Chakrabarty P

(2018) U-Pb Zircon Ages of Deccan Acid Igneous Complexes and their Temporal Relationship with the Cretaceous-Paleogene Boundary
Basu A, Chakrabarty P, Ibanez Mejia M, Georg B & Ghosh N

(2014) Coupling between Dissolution and Precipitation during Chemical Weathering of Albite
Gruber C, Zhu C, Kutuzov I, Zakon Y, Georg B & Ganor J

(2014) Impact of the Soil Weathering Degree on the Fate of Soil Organic Carbon, Fe and Si: Insights from Si and Fe Isotopes in Icelandic Soils
Opfergelt S, Williams H, Cornelis J-T, Van Hoye F, Guicharnaud R, Sigfusson B, Georg B, Siebert C, Gislason S, Halliday A & Burton K

(2013) Evaporation of Mg- and Si-Rich Melts: Evolution of Chemical and Isotopic Compositions of FUN CAIs
Mendybaev R, Richter F, Teng F, Georg B & Fedkin A

(2013) Silicon Isotopes as a New Tool to Identify the Main Cause of the Field-Lab Apparent Discrepancy of Feldspar Dissolution Rates
Zhu C, Wang C & Georg B

(2013) Resolving the Gap between Laboratory and Field Rates of Weathering
Gruber C, Zhu C, Georg B & Ganor J

(2012) A Silicon Isotopic Record of Long Term Changes in Continental Weathering
Savage P, Georg B, Williams H & Halliday A

(2012) Silicon Isotopes – A Global Weathering Proxy?
Georg B

(2011) Fractionation of 238U/235U during Weathering and Hydrothermal Alteration
Noordmann J, Weyer S, Sharma M, Georg B, Rausch S & Bach W

(2011) Seasonal Magnesium Isotope Variations in Soil Solutions Reflecting Physico-Chemical Processes Controlling Soil Weathering Fluxes
Opfergelt S, Georg B, Burton K, Guicharnaud R, Siebert C, Gislason S & Halliday A

(2011) Silicon Isotopes in Granitoid Rocks
Savage PS, Georg RB, Williams HM, Burton KW, Halliday AN & Chappell BW

(2011) Contrasting Silicon and Magnesium Isotope Fractionation with Clay Mineralogy in Volcanic Soil Weathering Sequences, Guadeloupe
Delvaux B, Opfergelt S, Georg B, Cabidoche Y-M, Burton K & Halliday A

(2011) High Pressure and Temperature Silicon Isotope Fractionation between Metal and Silicate
Shahar A, Hillgren V, Young E, Deng L, Fei Y, Macris C & Georg RB

(2010) Silicon Isotopes and Magmatic Evolution
Savage P, Georg B, Williams H, Burton K & Halliday A

(2009) Sponge Spicules as Recorders of Deep-Water Silicic Acid
Hendry KR, Georg RB, Rickaby REM, Robinson LF & Halliday AN

(2009) The Miocene Ocean 187Os/188Os Curve: Driven by Continental Weathering
Georg B, West J, Gannoun M, Burton K & Halliday A

(2009) Silicon Isotopes in Achondrites and the Light Element in Earth’s Core
Armytage R, Georg B & Halliday A

(2009) Silicon Isotope Fractionation at High Pressures and Temperatures
Schauble EA, Young ED, Ziegler K, Shahar A, Halliday AN & Georg RB

(2009) Variations of the 238U/235U Isotope Composition in Rivers
Noordmann J, Weyer S, Sharma M & Georg B

(2009) Uniform Silicon Isotopes in the Depleted Mantle and No Melt-Induced Fractionation
Savage P, Georg B, Williams H & Halliday A

(2009) Carbonates, Riverine Chemistry and Incongruent Weathering of Hafnium
Rickli J, Frank M, Georg RB & Halliday AN

(2008) Isotope Fractionation of Dissolved Silicon in Groundwater – Weathering of Secondary Minerals?
Georg B, Zhu C, Basu A & Halliday A

(2007) Stable and Radiogenic Isotope Variations Accompanying Continental Weathering
Burton K, Gannoun A, Georg B, Gislason S, James R, Pogge von Strandmann P, Mokadem F, Sigfusson B & Vigier N

(2007) Isotopic Evidence for Silicon within the Earth's Core
Georg RB, Halliday AN, Schauble EA & Reynolds BC

(2007) Growth of the Earth's Core
Halliday A, Georg B, Grove T, Lee D-C, Markowski A, Quitte G, Schauble E, Singletary S & Williams H

(2007) Estimating Magnesium and Silicon Isotope Fractionation with First-Principles Lattice Dynamics
Schauble E, Tonui E, Georg RB, Young E & Halliday A

(2006) Co-variations of δ30Si and δ18O during contact metamorphism.
Georg B, Reynolds B, Valley J & Halliday A

(2004) Submarine Hydrothermal Trace Metal Input into the Ocean Through Island Arc Volcanism in the Lesser Antilles
Georg B, Frank M, Marbler H, Koschinsky A, Van de Flierdt T, Bolz V, Kubik P & Halbach P

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