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All abstracts by Alexis S Templeton in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Amino Acid Synthesis Driven by Ferroan Brucite-Mediated Chemistry
Chimiak LM, Hara E, Ellison ET, Eiler J, Sessions A, VanderVelde D & Templeton AS

(2023) Investigating Controls on H2 Availability in Groundwaters during Active Serpentinization in the Samail Ophiolite
Templeton AS, Ellison ET, Nothaft DB, Boyd E, Colman D, Fones E, Spear J, Hoehler T, Kubo M & Glombitza C

(2023) Geochemical Challenges to Methanogenesis in Serpentinizing Systems: Implications for the Habitability of Ocean Worlds
Howells A, Price N, Batther H, Kashyap S, Som S, Kopf S, Templeton AS & Hoehler T

(2022) Sulfur Biomineralization of Peridotites Undergoing Low-Temperature Serpentinization
Templeton AS, Ellison ET, Glombitza C, Hoehler T, Rempfert K, Caro T, Kashyap S, Sepulveda J & Boyd E

(2022) Initial Results from the Oman Drilling Project Multi-Borehole Observatory: Petrogenesis and Ongoing Alteration of Mantle Peridotite in the Weathering Horizon
Kelemen P, Leong JA, de Obeso JC, Matter J, Ellison ET, Templeton AS, Nothaft DB, Eslami A, Evans K, Godard M, Malvoisin B, Coggon JA, Warsi N, Pezard P, Cho S, Teagle D, Michibayashi K, Takazawa E & Al Sulaimani Z

(2019) Experimental Insights into the Formation of Iron-Rich Clays on Early Earth and Mars
Johnson J, Hinz I, Templeton A, Theuer S & Ellison E

(2019) Fe-Oxidation, Hydrogen Generation and Microbial Activity in Peridotites Undergoing Serpentinization
Templeton A, Ellison E & Mayhew L

(2019) Fe(II)-bearing Brucite Reactivity during Low-Temperature Serpentinization in Oman
Ellison ET, Mayhew LE, Zeigler SKD & Templeton AS

(2019) Characterization of Intact Polar Lipid Biomarkers from a Site of Active, Low-Temperature Serpentinization
Rempfert K, Kraus E, Nothaft D, Spear J, Sepulveda J & Templeton A

(2017) Mineralogy and Fe Chemistry in Atlantis Massif Serpentinites
Mayhew LE, Ellison ET & Templeton AS

(2017) Investigating Early Iron Silicate Inclusions in Banded Iron Formations Through Nanoscale Geochemical Characterization and Experimental Constraints
Johnson J, Muhling J, Cosmidis J, Rasmussen B & Templeton A

(2017) Microscale Spectroscopic Imaging of Interfacial Fe Redox Reactions in “Hard-Rock” Systems
Templeton A, Ellison E, Mayhew L & Trainor T

(2017) Chemistry Versus Biology – “True” and “False” Biosignatures Formed Through Biomineralization and Organomineralization Processes
Cosmidis J, Templeton A, Benzerara K, Skouri-Panet F, Duprat E & Macalady J

(2017) Coupled Fe, S, N, and CH4 Cycling in Subsurface Serpentinizing Systems
Templeton A, Rempfert K, Miller H, Nothaft D, Ellison E & Mayhew L

(2017) Sulfur Organomineralization: Significance and Mechanism
Cosmidis J, Nims C, Lau G, Kane T & Templeton A

(2017) Speciation of Fe in Modern Mexican Lacustrine Microbialites
Zeyen N, Benzerara K, Morin G, Brest J, Menguy N, Templeton A, Webb S & Gérard E

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