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All abstracts by Christian George in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Prolonged Lifetime of Particulate-Bound Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons with Coating of Secondary Aerosols during Photochemical Aging of Biomass Burning Plumes
Wang X, Deng W, Zhang Y, Mellouki A, Rudich Y & George C

(2023) OH Formation from Excited Triplet States
Petersen-Sonn EA, Perrier S & George C

(2023) Spontaneous Formation of OH Radicals in the Air-Water Interface of Water Droplets
Angelaki M, Carreira Mendes Da Silva Y & George C

(2023) Heterogeneous Chemistry and Nanometer Particle Growth: Laboratory Studies of Particle Size Dependent Aerosol Chemistry
Hoffmann T, Klink D, Douverne M, Rautenberg W, George C & Riva M

(2023) Optical Trapping in the Study of the Air/Water Interface Effects in Tropospheric Chemistry
Meroni C, Angelaki M, Carreira Mendes Da Silva Y & George C

(2023) Spontaneous Formation of Radicals and Oxidants at the Air-Water Interface
Carreira Mendes Da Silva Y, Angelaki M & George C

(2023) Spontaneous Formation of Oxidants at Liquid-Ice Interface
Song J & George C

(2023) Heterogeneous Reactivities of Excited States
Zhang Q & George C

(2015) Highlight Results from the HCCT-2010 Hill Cap Cloud Experiment
van Pinxteren D, Poulain L, Tilgner A, Henning S, Stratmann F, Mertes S, Schneider J, Harris E, Sinha B, Whalley L, Heard D, D'Anna B, George C & Herrmann H

(2013) Photochemistry of Airborne Dust Produces Nucleation Events in the Troposphere
George C

(2009) Photoenhanced Deposition of Trace Gases at the Interface of Organic Surfaces
George C & D'Anna B

(2009) Photoenhanced Uptake of NO2 on Soot
Monge ME, D'Anna B & George C

(2009) Uptake and Release of Traces Gases at the Mineral Dust Surface
D'Anna B, Ndour M, Sassine M, Nicolas M, Ka O & George C

(2009) Photosensitized Aging of Succinic Acid Aerosol
Rouviere A, Decarlo P, Schlierf A, Favez O, D'Anna B, George C, Prevot A & Ammann M

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